Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I have had my fortune read several times.

First one was a gypsy in a caravan at the Lammas Fair, in St Andrews. She told me to be careful not to become a mother before I became a bride. Cheeky besom.

Second one was the secretary's father who read my ring (please no sniggering). He said a lot of stuff, but I distinctly remember him saying my future lay overseas--Canada, Australia and Canada.
Now how's that for spooky???

Third one. I was dragged to some guy's house in the depths of a Telford dive with 3 other girls. My friend Deb had made the booking and her sister dropped out at the last minute--so I was the replacement. He told me very clearly that I had psychic powers of my own--I told him I knew that already :)

Fourth one--see image. In the company of Princess Anne (OK, so I wasn't with Anne and actually she'd left. I was with my buddies, Mary & Karen, better looking and safer drivers). I had my psychic reading done using colour & clairvoyance. I think I freaked her out choosing the orange and red to start with, and the purple got me a funny stare. But she told me a few things that struck home, and remember I have a good poker face. First, she said... This seems weird because it just doesn't go together, but I see your job being something to do with love or passion and I see you typing away at a keyboard.

Knock me down with a feather!! Then she told me I had problems finishing things (I denied it, though yesterday I sent off the manuscript I've been working on for 6 years, so I figure she was maybe onto something!!).

Then she said there was a number 3 in there (see image) and my success was somehow tied to a number 3. Well, I guess I did sell a short-story, but that was actually the 4th thing I've written (if I include the short story I wrote for the KOD cookbook). Maybe it will be the 3rd full length novel I write? Or a 3 book deal? Or 3 years (Oh God please NO!). Or payment of $3, $30, $3,000,000??

A girl can dream right??


  1. Wow, that last one was a bit spooky. I had my birthchart done once and the person that did it stopped in the middle of a conversation, looked at me and said "You're going to think this is strange, but you're writing a children's book, aren't you." (I was at the time). The birthchart said I was creative. That's as close to a psychic sighting as I got.
    BTW, you've been tagged.

  2. I really think it's Dr. House I have the thing for, not Hugh Laurie - but yes, I knew he was a comedian - he's awfully funny in interviews.

  3. He and Stephen Fry are exceptional!! Very funny.

  4. I try and stay away from the fortune-telling stuff - it freaks me out too much.

  5. Oh, when you do the tag thingy - you'll notice that everything is in 3's!