Saturday, November 12, 2005

Great Escape Artists

In addition, I have been very kindly invited to join a blog called Great Escape Artists.
The writers are a diverse bunch of talented ladies and I think it'll be a lot of fun :)

I copied this from Kendra's site

Walk down the streets of Rome. Stroll down a darkened alley with a vampire. Take a walk on the Wild Side. Meet an Ancient Warrior. Pick up a special treat at Pandora's Box. Whisper to the Love Talker.

Escape...let us show you how!

I'm pretty sure my specialty is killing people ;-)


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  2. Dear Houdini,

    Look at you - invited to such a fun thing. Looks like fun.
    It's been a long day - and of course I have a sinus headache because I'm allergic to everything in the building I work in. But I have to stay there as long as I'm taking care of mom - or I buy a winning lottery ticket.

  3. LOL--I am pretty special huh? Sorry about the headaches and allergies! Good luck on the lottery--I hear ya!

  4. Will come and check out your new digs, Toni. :)

  5. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Enjoyed a lot!
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