Friday, November 04, 2005

Hot and sweaty

Just been getting hot and sweaty in the shower with my hubby--but it's not what you think...
We've been scraping out the old grout and silicone to redo the damn thing!!! I spent 2 hours cleaning it on Monday to the extent a half dozen tiles fell off!! Yikes! Not much writing done this week because of it and may have to rethink Florida 'vacation'.

On the good side of the week, my son has had no accidents of the poopy/pee pee nature this week. Yippee. He has a phobia of toilets, but a strong constitution ;-) Our car was serviced without a million things being found wrong with it--wayhay!!! And my copy of Heroes and Heroines 16 master archetypes arrived!! I am hoping I can resolve the hero's conflict in my second story, if I can pin down his basic nature. LOL!! I'm a book addict--get me out of here!!


  1. glenice11:33 pm

    HA! I am going to beat Eve :)

    Good Morning...well it is still late Thursday night here in the Northwest...

    I hate it when that is the way we get hot and sweaty! But at least he helped scrape right ;)

    It is Friday so that is ALWAYS good!

  2. glenice11:34 pm

    oops wrong beat...well at least it is the wrong one right now :) :) :)

  3. LOL--beating Eve!!!
    Fridays can go either way for me, but yes--tomorrow is Saturday!!!! I get to lie in...even though DH always gets up earlier than me!! He's a love!

    And he's the DIY genius, I'm the lout who pulls tiles off the wall :/

  4. You two are funny - real funny. So I'm having a late day - it's no fair you started last night.

    I'll have to check out that book - like I need to buy more books on writing instead of writing.

  5. Oh, and btw - according to my schedule - tomorrow is Friday. I'm sticking to that - explanation on my blog *g*

  6. Ooh, that book looks good! Love self-help books on writing, though they can sometimes be so overwhelming! Whatever happened to just writing without "thinking" about it?

  7. Peggy--I started by just writing and wasted a couple of years (I think). But it can be totally overwhelming trying to *learn* everything.

    I woke up this morning, seeing rows upon rows of books, and thinking, mine will never be good enough, why don't I get a real job!! But my cold is back, and sniffing is not the way to glory :)

  8. I always remind myself of the multitude of lousy books I've read and know that if someone will publish them, they'll publish me someday :D