Saturday, November 26, 2005

Last Post

Phew--my last blog for a few days at least (maybe 3 weeks if I get stuck without a terminal--and doesn't that sound painful?).

Firstly, I'LL MISS YOU!!!!

Secondly, I'll BE BACK!!!!

OK, what to say? I thought I'd be stuck for words but actually I have too much to say (a common problem I know :D). Pop is out of hospital--yeah!! Hope he continues to recover and takes it easy for a while.

I got my hair cut this morning--looking pretty nifty if I do say so myself, in a razor sharp bob with a flattering fringe (bangs). daughter had that little boy visiting. He said, 'Ha ha. You look like Mrs Milligan in our school--except she's TALLER!' Even DH was laughing, thinking this wee guy has it in for me :)

George Best died :( He was only 59, although given his love of fast living, it is surprising he made it that far. He seemed like a lovely man, if flawed, like all true heroes.

And lastly my CP Kendra Clark's first novel comes out in January. Now let me tell you a little about her. We hooked up on the eHarlequin threads, both throwing ourselves into the fray of letting others see our work for the first time--a very scary big step. She struck me as being a little on the 'sweet' side. I wasn't into cute stuff and she was so nice with all these little hearts everywhere. I felt like a big prickly hog beside her, and LOL--I am a mean critiquer!!! Anyway, now I'm into hearts and cutesy stuff and Kendra's got the whips out :)

So we got to know each other, decided to give each other a try out and then she sent me her first chapter to crit. I basically thought. Oh my God!! I HATE the heroine (Miranda), and this poor wee girl from Tennessee with the 3 kids, military hubby, full-time teaching job for special needs kids is NEVER going to get published.


Now this post isn't about how bad a writer Kendra is--just the opposite. It is about how this young woman crammed every bit of learning and knowledge available and turned herself around from being the clueless newbie to the consummate professional within six months.

So her first book comes out in January and she has many more to come, plus an overactive imagination and a well of energy I totally envy. Spirit Warrior is wonderful and hot and groovy.

I'm not sure why she puts up with me, but she does, and I'm glad :)

So, I'm back on the 17th December, with a tan (he he). I will try to post, and more importantly, try to read everybody elses' blogs!! But if I don't please forgive me and stay warm and safe and I'll see you in a couple of weeks :)


  1. Thanks TONI! And I'll tell you the truth, I could tell you hated Miranda. *snort* she was bad. ROTF! And you know what? Everytime you slammed me, I was more determined to get better. I guess I'm saying thanks for the tough love and it's made me into the writer I am and will mold me into the writer I can be! LOVE YA! :)

    And I'm not all cutesy LOL!

  2. Damn, that sounded sweet didn't it?

    P.S. you did erase that hunk of crap off your hard drive didn't you? I mean you're not going to sell it on ebay when I become famous. IT CAN NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dear Bestselling Author,

    Another book to add to my leaning tower of books!

    Toni ... have ... fun (sobbing)

  4. LOL--
    K, you ARE sweet. Really.

    Psycho (and I know it's you Eve), be good!!! And keep blogging!!! I'll see you soon :)

  5. Ah shucks! I was incognito *g*
    Do I have to be good?

  6. Congratulations Kendra and have a great time, Toni! I envy the warm weather you're going to have. Lucky you! Have fun.

  7. Hope you have a wonderful vacation, Toni!!!

  8. Have a good one, Toni. See you when you get back.


  9. 17 more days - withdrawal symptoms are getting bad - I have the shakes, night sweats and hallucinations - oh wait, that's nightmares of Christmas shopping. Sorry!

  10. 13 more days - I miss you!!!

  11. One week ... one more freakin' week!

  12. Well, you should be home soon. I've been watching for you on CSI Miami, but didn't see you, so I guess that's a good thing. ;)

  13. Yeah Meretta, but did you check out "Cops"?
    One more day!!!!!!

  14. Are you trying to tell me that was, Toni? Wrestling with that big policeman, every second word a bleep?

    I thought she looked familiar! ;)

  15. Try to ignore the wayward comma in the last post. Either not enough caffeine or too much.

    And are writers are the only ones who go back, proofread their posts for clarity and spelling and punctuation and grammar and then apologize profusely for any mistakes they've made? ;)

  16. I don't know - I do it all of the time, so I guess we do. Sometimes I just cringe and let it go.

    It's the 17th Toni!!!!!!! Although fellow psychopath and I are having fun.

    It sure looked like her - swearing like a sailor (giggle, giggle)

  17. I'm back :)
    Not very organised though. Chaos!! Just doing the tree with the kids and Dh's birthday tomorrow!! Oh God! Will post in a little while.

    Love T.XXXX