Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Oven Doors II

Such an interesting topic for writers, I thought I'd contiue.

This is our life... Having fixed the oven seal (and made the room considerably cooler), DH decided to stick the oven on the self-clean mode for an hour last night. Anyway, now we can't get the friggin' door open and are essentially ovenless!!

Why do these things happen to us? Remember the shower of 2 weeks ago? Took 10 days to finish cleaning it when the tiles fell off! Whatever 'little' job we undertake, snowballs into some God-awful monster that completely takes hold of our lives and costs big money...

I can see us shopping for an oven on Saturday so our house-sitter actually has something to cook with while we're away!! Darn it :/

Still happy though--JIC you were wondering :)


  1. As a former professional housesitter I am positive she will appreciate the oven.

    Oh Toni - and I thought I was having a hard week. Remember that sense of humor you were thankful for? Sure comes in handy doesn't it.
    I'm thankful for your sense of humor too.

  2. LOL--I see a screwdriver in my immediate future!!!!!

  3. Wow - what an adventure!

    And oh - your mice are suddenly invading my house! The other day I got home and realized there was a dead mouse in my living room - my dog had killed it and left it there for me to find. *groan*

  4. Because of the lack of rain we have had this year the news is reporting an invasion of mice and rats into area homes in search of water (insert evil laugh here). And everyone laughed or looked shocked when I mention we are feeding approximately 15 feral cats outside! Who has the last laugh now!

    Put down the screwdriver - alcohol will not help in this situation LOL (sorry I couldn't let that one by)

  5. Sorry to hear about your oven woes. :/

    If you go shopping for one, my advice: opt out of any kind of convection feature. To me, it's just not worth the extra money (I got talked into it).

    *However* the writer in me readily appreciates the timer feature. When I'm at the computer, it has saved many a noodle from a soft and squishy fate.

    And I like your cowboy pictures. :)

  6. Melissa--yuck on the mice!!!
    Eve--here the theory is because in the city of Winnipeg cats should all be indoors, the mouse population has exploded. Don't know whether I believe it or not--nor do I believe in strictly indoor cats (unless you have all those feral buggers hanging around outside ;-) Pass the gin then!! Alcohol WILL help!

    Meretta--thanks for the tip. I am hoping not to have to buy a new one, maybe DH will come swooping in like an angel of mercy (as opposed to the angel of destruction he usually is)

  7. Well then, by all means, pick up that screwdriver *g*

    Having had a cat hit by a car - all of my pets are kept in, but thank goodness for the ragged troup mother keeps outdoors!

    You just put up all of those little cowboy pictures all over the place - I just got back from the store where I got to see the real things walking in their tight jeans (huge sigh). (We live down the street from the rodeo!)

  8. Am loving your cowboy pics! Pooey on the oven door. The screwdriver works great on my car window!

  9. Eve--why haven't you bagged yourself one of those men!!! LOL. Down the street from the rodeo? Men and horses? Swoon :) Sad about your cat being run over. It is a very common problem. For me, growing up in a house that backed onto meadows and gardens our cats lived outside and were safe. An ideal spot for them. I'd hate to lose a pet to a car accident, but I also hate to see cats inside constantly. Maybe this quandary is why we don't have cats???

    Peggy--the screwdriver is looking more and more likely--well I don't have a shotgun. :/

    I have a few more cowboy picts to go. Enough to get me to Saturday night which will be my last blog for a while unless I can find a computer with internet access. I know everybody will shout 'internet cafe'--and I'll shout right back 'two little kids!'

  10. Wait a minute - that's weeks without you? I'm rethinking letting you go on this vacation thingy. LOL Okay - I'll shout Library!!! Well, it's worth a try.

  11. Ha!! My kid in the library! You have no idea :(

    I figure I'll be able to post something, maybe via DH, but might not be able to surf or comment generally. We'll see. I did ask him to bring his cables so we might be able to hook up in the apartment.

  12. (Long suffering sigh)All right. You know I'll go through withdrawal. Who will I bug?

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