Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Oven Doors

OK--well I think I might be having a few cowboy days in the near future so bear with me.

Last night DH decided to replace the seal on the oven door. First fiasco was trying to get the model number off the 25 year old range. It took Gary about half an hour of making up number combinations on the phone before some wise fellow actually managed to trace the barely legible serial number. So we found the part--which turned out to be even more ridiculous because a seal is a seal and all they really need was the length of the seal, which any idiot, including me, could measure.

So DH drives there and back (about an hour round trip), and then starts removing the old seal. But you have to totally dismantle the door to remove and replace the seal?? Can anyone say DESIGN FLAW??? And then you had to thread this stupid metal tube through the inside of the seal. This should have taken 30 seconds, and instead took us about 90 mins (with two of us), until DH finally started hacking away and somehow managed to make it fit.

Then he had to put the stupid door back together.

Now in my opinion old ladies should be able to replace an oven door seal. It isn't rocket science. I can see my next oven bought on the ease of repairing the damn seal--grrhh!!

Cowboys seem suddenly appropriate :)


  1. Well, you wouldn't believe the progress they've made on ranges in the LAST 25 YEARS Toni. :-) Can you say ancient and decrepid? (can I spell decrepid?)LOL
    Nah, a Cowboy would have just shot the thing and put it out of its misery.

  2. LOL--25 years isn't old Eve!!!!

  3. In dog years it is. *g*
    BTW - it's really a good thing I know you so that I could explain to Christa and Jennifer that it was you, not anonymous, that thanked them. I just told them you were having an identity crisis *g*
    Going back to bed did not help - I woke up to another problem that involved mom, her bathroom and the bedroom carpet - I'm not saying more. :-(

  4. ugh!! Sorry. Kids are driving me absolutely CRAZY!! I am wound tighter than a very tight thing :/
    Sorry about your mom's problems!!

  5. Yeah - but you're still cute. *g* even when you're anonymous.

  6. I can relate, only our oven is 50 years old and built into the wall.

  7. Mary--it sounds great!