Thursday, November 24, 2005


Well I had pancakes for breakfast this morning-YUM! The only time I go out for breakfast is with my mom's group and so twice a year we hit the local Pancake Place. We had one mom from the US so at least she had a mini celebration!!

I need to pack. Well, OK--I am packed, but not everything. I like to pack and then list everything that needs to go in last minute (like the potty)--and list all the last minute 'things' I need to do--like hide the GOPHER DOOM from the housesitter and putting everything in a 'sensible' place (like dog treats next to dog food). And rearrange the garage so our car can be squeezed into a corner and out of the way of the house sitter's see how worked up I get? OK--well as the next few days are already jam-packed with kids stuff I'd better get on and clean the fridge.



  1. Ahhhh, remembrances of my housesitting days and the long lists I would have for the homeowner *g*
    Ate myself to beyond stuffed - and enough left-overs in the fridge to make me sick of turkey before the weekend is over.
    Have fun packing *g*

  2. BTW - what's Gopher Doom?

  3. Mouse poison!!

    Glad you had a good dinner--my favourite bit is always the cold turkey sandwiches.

    My house-sitter hasn't made a list--I just figured I'd try and clean anything that looked dirty! I like the sound of that job BTW!!

  4. It was cool - to live in someone else's home - I've stayed in some pretty fancy domiciles. $75.00 a day, food supplied, etc. But I did have to take care of some neurotic animals. I really loved those swimming pools.
    Oh yeah, I remember now - Gopher Doom, for goodness sake (this is where you could use a "duh" smilie).

  5. Fridge so clean we blinded ourselves going in there this evening :)

  6. Have a great time in Florida, Toni! Hope your weather is warmer than here! ;-)