Thursday, November 17, 2005

Red Nude

Noel Miller is one of my favourite artists. He is also one of my favourite people :)

I thought I'd brighten up my Thursday by putting up this picture--I love it, but if I could buy any of his works, it would be the new Antarctic pieces he's produced.

Despite my snowy life I have a thing for icebergs.

Have you ever seen an iceberg? They are magical--seriously, eerily beautiful, and me, DH and a friend called Dave once chased them all over Newfoundland. Dave has also been known to climb on them--a deadly pursuit that I'm hoping he's given up :/

Happy Thursday :)


  1. Hey, she and I have the same hips! But, sadly, not the same waist!

    We got snow last night, tho not as much as you. I was hoping we were having a freak winter and it wouldn't snow until January. Wishful thinking, eh?

  2. Very wishful thinking!!! But it was gorgeous here too--barely even coat weather and today is -31C windchill

  3. Nope, never seen an iceberg. I have felt like one before - yes, I do get cold.

  4. What a great painting! He's given a very accurate and beautiful representation of womanly attributes.

    Have a lovely Thursday yourself!

  5. I'd love to see an iceberg! Sounds beautiful. And I had a very funny pictureo of you running after a "runaway" iceberg! LOL!