Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Rodent Hell

I think I might be about to burn out!! I'm wrecked. I blame the mice--when I'm not cleaning, I'm suffering from flu-like symptoms which can be caused by mouse viruses. That's it! I'm bringing in the big guns :)


A woman's weapon, and like revenge, best served cold.

Now the trick is to kill the mice, while maintaining the lives of our dumb scavanging dogs and the children, who don't eat much real food, but would be sure to be tempted by chlorophacinone.


My friend just happened to have some at home?? (insert smiley with raised eyebrow, because I'm not sure about her husband either)

I was informed by a former pest-controller called Roche (no joke), that mice outbreed traps and get wise to them. On the other side of the Atlantic, my mother informs me they have a rodent that ate half a cabbage! They are hoping for squirrel and not Rattus norvegicus.

Wish us luck.


  1. Good luck with Mickey! I hate those damned things. Sorry to the animal rights peeps, but if one of those buggers comes near me, it's dead.

  2. Dear Disney Assasin,
    It's 1:00 in the morning and much too early (or late) for me to get my mind around poison, mice, and potentially dead husbands of friends. Liked Roche though. I shouldn't read this late, 6:00 is going to come too early.
    Later - Wicked.

  3. couldnt you get or borrow a terrier

  4. Go for it!! Rid of those critters! But, yeah, watch the dogs. Don't they always seem to prefer anything that isn't dog food??

  5. Kendra--animal rights people are very strange people who generally wear suede.

    Eve--I hope you slept well LOL

    new_friend, Given the cost of vet bills and my luck the terrier would get stuck in a hole, ruin a supporting wall and bark constantly!! I am thinking of borrowing a cat but need a willing borrowee :D

    Peggy--my dogs are disgusting, I'm sure yours is too! I am not even going to think just how disgusting! But I love them :)

  6. I can't put out any kind of bug baits, etc. The cats think that they're toys. Except for Cassidy, mom's cat, who the doctor said has no brain therefore can't think. LOL That's why we call her "the brainless wonder".

  7. I don't think mice would be a problem in your house Eve!!

  8. Naw - MacKenzie, since she's still half wild, would get it in no time. Siobhan or Neely Shae would be next in line. Neely is actually our bug catcher - she can sniff them out like a hound dog. Devlin, Seamas and Aidan would play it to death. Cassidy - she'd run and hide until it was gone. We had a great mouser years ago - Shelby (before I went Irish with the cats) - of course, he was a great "dogger" too. No dog was safe in our yard.

  9. Mice poison is a sure thing for my little puppy, Doobie, to get into, since he's already done it once! Hope this takes care of the problem for you, though.