Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Snow hates

I'd forgotten all the things I didn't like about snow.

We cycled over to a friends Monday afternoon and cycled back as the first flakes started falling. The wind was gusting and my son was probably regretting his intense hatred of mittens--what can you say to a three-year old?

I think that's it for bikes--no more cycling to school, no more scooting. I'm thinking about getting a big black sled, one you can fit 3 kids on at a time and drag home. The only problem is getting my son to voluntarily stay on the damn thing. Hmm. Maybe I'll drag him around the aisles of Canadian tire and see how he goes. Or swaddle him in blankets, or maybe I'll just drive LOL.

Things I hate about snow:
Not seeing the lines in the road and not being exactly sure where my lane is when I'm driving. Car skidding (and yes we have a 4-wheel drive).
Everybody else driving like it isn't really snowing (Winnipeg drivers are nuts).
Getting it all over the house, all over the car. All over the dogs.
Poop scooping (damn I wish I'd scooped before I went out yesterday, because now it'll be a mystery till Spring).
Having to dry my hair before I leave the house.
Shovelling the path.
Cold feet (must drag out my fabby snow boots :))
Dressing the kids in all their layers.
Hat hair.

I'll do another post about all the things I love about snow later in the week.

And suddenly the lure of Florida is getting stronger and more attractive :D


  1. There's lots that I hate about snow, too. Ice is more of a menace to me than snow, though. I hate the prospect of always falling and breaking something!

    As long as I keep my car in the garage, I don't mind snow near as much as when I leave it out and it's covered in snow the next morning!

  2. Forgetting to get the snow tires on in time,
    Trying to dig out shovels from the far corner of your garage,
    Walking on roads because some lazy jacka$$ won't shovel the sidewalk in front of his house,
    Snow melting on your glasses,
    Snow blinding your view,
    Snow in the boots or shoes (because, dang it, you can't find your winter boots packed away somewhere),
    And finally. . .scraping the snow/ice off the windshield when you're aleady running late!

  3. Ah, I made it! A little late this morning because as I was doing my blogging (which I do by bookmarks and "R" is a little ways down the line - go figure) my sister called just as I was getting to Kate Hardy and she just wouldn't shut up (my sister - not Kate). Kept going on about nothing as if I didn't have anything better to do - well I don't but I was blogging for goodness sake. And of course I couldn't read and listen to her at the same time because she would catch me by asking a question. So I had to stop and listen to her .... oh wait - your blog, not mine. Sorry.
    Snow. I agree with your reasons for hating it - we just see it so rarely that it's more of a small annoyance than anything else. And the driver's here aren't any better about it. I guess my perspective about snow comes from my childhood in Iowa where I didn't have any "adult" issues with the weather. It was magic time. I hated it when we moved to Texas because I always had to go to school in the snow because my parents could drive in the stuff. I remember one year being only one of two kids in the class that day. But I do remember one wonderful day when the parents were both at work and it started snowing. I got a bunch of blankets, the transistor radio (quite some time ago, eh?) and a book and settled in front of the patio doors. The snow was falling, classical music was playing and I was reading a romance. So quiet and beautiful. I like days like that.

  4. Melissa--I hate to fall!!

    Peggy--tick tick all that list :D

    Eve--it is magical for kids, although less so when you sneak out in your socks (like my son just did). Probably a good lesson, as that is one of my nightmares. One of them sneaking out sometime when I don't see them. Shudder.

  5. Snow? I don't live where we get over 2 inches at a time, so I really can't relate but I can sympathize!

  6. LOL Kendra--why do I have a dirty mind when I read your reply??

  7. TONI! "2 inches at a time" - snort, snort, snicker, snicker.