Friday, November 04, 2005

The Swashbuckler

I was reading this book last night--see below--and realised, much to my amusement, I am married to a swashbuckler!!!

VIRTUES--Fearless, Exciting, Capable
FLAWS--Unreliable, Foolhardy, Selfish

Obviously, these are the archetypes virtues and flaws, I would never call my husband selfish. But it was the following that sealed it for me...

BACKGROUND--This child kept his parents on their toes. Whether from a settled environment (yep) or following an adventurous family tradition, from an early age he was fearless in his pursuits. His family would often have to tie him down in order to ensure his safety. But he invariably escaped, not wanting to miss the next great escapade.

His family did tie him up--and put bars on the windows, LOL. And they had 4 others just like him, except his sister who was obviously much more refined (honest).


  1. That was my brother Howard - the one that just passed away. Even with a heart condition Mom and Dad couldn't keep up with him. Mom had to put him on a harness and attach it to the clothes line to keep him in the yard. One time, at the age of 3, he even got the scissors and cut the screen door so he could escape!

  2. This is my husband, absolutely, positively. He is such an adventurer. Which worries me considering he might have made one of his deals on a Harley...

  3. I meant to say made a deal FOR a Harley, not made a deal ON (as in sitting) a Harley. LOL!

  4. husband is a ...

    Hmm...better not comment *wink*

  5. Eve--hugs on your brother. I know it was a little while ago now, but not that long.

    Melissa--I had visions of drug deals & undercover cops, going down on the back of that Harley. LOL.

    Kendra--I'm thinking WARRIOR archetype :D

  6. I have to admit that I was with you on Melissa - although I also veered into Jill's continuing story blog yesterday LOL

    Thanks Toni - not quite 2 months (10th) but we're still bracing for the holidays. Howard loved the holidays.

  7. This is my son. I swear I'm the queen of homemade contraptions and devices for keepin that boy secured.