Saturday, November 19, 2005


I stole this from Cora and, though I'm a little bored of these things, I do like witches. I confess there was a time when my father thought I was into occultism, all because my friend Alice's mother gave me all her Dennis Wheatley novels before she moved to the states. I still don't think I have my dad convinced that I'm not some freaky, witchy, dungeon and dragon type (and I never played D&D, just read science fiction and fantasy books!!!).
Anyway, this is MY witch, so beware *cackle cackle*

Air Witch
You are an air witch. You're very intelligent and
draw your power from the air. Thin and small in
appearance, you're full of insight and
vitality. You probably wish to travel the
world.. and to fly. Your powers of
visualization and invisibility make you a great
observer, thinker and sometimes artist. Your
spirit moves as the wind, giving life to all.

What kind of 'witch' are you?
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  1. You must be feeling better. Sounds like a pretty accurate description - a writer is an artist.

  2. This is mine:

    You are a water witch. Beautiful and intuitive, you draw your power from the water. You can be tranquil and terrible at one and the same time and might be described as "moody." You appreciate literature and may be a poet/writer. Graceful and powerful as the water itself, the rest of us envy your ability to love and be loved by others.

  3. Oohh Eve!! Nice one :)

  4. I'm an earth witch. :) I think that suits me. I think air witch suits you, as well. Cool quiz and "thanks" 'cause I posted it on my blog, too.

  5. Nice witch, Toni. I especially like the travels the world part. How exciting! I ended up an earth witch, which seems to fit. :)

    Eve, the water witch is what my friend Elbie got for hers. The picture for that one is simply gorgeous, isn't it? I thought it fit my friend well, since she's a writer and poet.

  6. It is actually quite scary. I have travelled the world, and when I was 16 I really wanted to be a helicopter pilot. I am small--though thin is pushing it. I am quite capable of fading into the background and paint and draw as well as write. :)

    Just need a few spells and I'll have cracked it!! ;-)