Friday, December 23, 2005


My DH jumped out of bed at 7.20 A.M. and said 'Got to go to Sears!'

In a blur I said, 'No, you've done all your shopping, we're done.' Trying to calm him down, thinking he was dreaming about other years...but no, he jumps out of bed and heads into the freezing rain.

Well, figuring it was something for me, I smiled and went back to sleep until the wee ones woke up.

DH came home with dinosaurs and a colouring book???
The mall is miles away!
Also he wrapped all the presents, with only minor help from me...

What have the aliens done with my husband and can I keep this one?


  1. Uh uh, something's up! Look for the pod *g* Have you bought his present? Maybe he's trying to score points - maybe he's just trying to score ;)

  2. Better not be trying to score elsewhere...!!!

  3. No, with you sweetie - by becoming this pod person and doing such sweet things so you would "reward" him! Geez Louise!

    Oh, and if I'm multiplying, why can't I get anything done? *g*

  4. E.T. has merged with his brain. Better not question it, the ship will collect him and retrieve the mind altering mechanism it planted on its first voyage.

  5. Weird....but maybe he hid your gift somewhere.

    Merry Christmas, Toni!