Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve

My favourite part of Christmas is Christmas Eve. When I was young, my granny would bring her fabulous mince pies over on the night of Christmas Eve and the presents, and we'd all have a sherry. Sherry featured heavily in Christmas, even as kids, our elderly relos would give us gallons of the fact, aged about 4 I got drunk on sherry. My dad had let us (elder brother and sister and me) have a sip, but I disappeared with the bottle behind the couch--by the time they realised, I was three-sheets-to-the-wind and I have this vague memory of singing on my way to bed.

Tomorrow we'll have a mince pie and a sherry when we're opening presents and I'll think of all the wonderful elderly relatives we used to visit on Christmas morning all through my childhood. There aren't many left now, bless them: my grandad, Uncle Lol, Aunty Molly, Aunty Nora, and I wish them all a very merry Christmas, along with my crazy family and DH's crazy family.

And I'll remember the people I've lost, my gran (I was so lucky to have her), my nan & grandad, my cousin Graham who died when he was 21, my sister-in-law Helen who died too young. But there won't be any tears, just happiness because it is Christmas, and we need happiness at Christmas.


  1. Merry Christmas, Toni! :-)



  2. What beautiful memories - I hope this Christmas Eve is the start of many more. Merry Christmas Toni!

  3. Happy Christmas, Toni :)

  4. LOL, Toni! Now I want to know why the dh HAD to go to Sears!!

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