Thursday, December 22, 2005

Disney World Magic Kingdom

A five hour drive from Miami (with almost psychically, uncanny abilities to avoid the unmarked police cars), a night in a motel, a pre-dawn start...all for Mickey Mouse and the Disney Princesses!!

But seriously, my daughter's face was wonderful when we met Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Ariel. Wow. Me and DH were quite impressed too--DH really liked Ariel... hmmm

First up was the carosel--absolutely gorgeous. Then Dumbo, Ariel and Mini's House.

It was all brilliantly done. We went on Splash Mountain with DD, who was not scared at all and went on twice...but that was the only big ride she could go on because of height restrictions. We did do the Tea Cups and they were pretty darned fast :) But she hated Pirates of the Carribean, really hated it (whereas my monster loved it and broke his sword 30 seconds after getting hold of it!).

If you have never been (we hadn't) it is much more economic and sensible to spend a week there. We only saw a tiny fraction of the Magic Kingdom and I lose count of how many other parks there are in the complex. There is so much to do in that part of Florida with Sea World not far away and not to mention all the space stuff.

Anyway..enough of that. They were filming the Christmas Day Parade that day (in the zillion degree heat) and so if you watch it you might just see us having fun :)

Thanks Walt & Mickey :)


  1. I've only been to Disneyland and that was years ago. Looks like a fun time was had by all - even you on that carousel!!

  2. DH and I were talking about going there last summer but stuff got in the way. Maybe we'll take a shot at it this year. Sure looks like you had a blast.


  3. I've been to Disneyland - when I was in high school and could actually go on the rides without getting sick! Loved it, though.

  4. Look at all the pretty pics of you guys! Something your wee ones will cherish forever, I'm sure. :D

  5. I loved the carousel Eve!!
    Tanya, it is great fun, but not cheap--look for deals!!!
    Melissa, my DH is the same, and although I think I'm fine, it has been years since I went on anything fast and dangerous, so who knows???

    Meretta--we got some lovely snaps, and I hope to print out a few for the kids rooms, so they remember it. Chances of going again in the next few years....not likely!!

  6. It's so bad that I can't even go on a carousel! In fact, if I watch somebody rocking, I get sick. Very weird. :-)

  7. I love rides! Went three times to Canada's Wonderland the year before son's birth. Knew it would be a while before I'm able to get on again.

    We took in Disney World/Sea World about fourteen years ago with our first. I thoroughly enjoyed it (especially the princesses :-), but don't know if I'd go back. Kids would rather see Universal Studios.

  8. Looks like SO much fun--I LOVE Disney World! :) It'll be a while before we go again, son is possibly the only child on the planet who would rather hang out in the hotel room than go to an amusement park. *rolls eyes*

    Anyway, I'll watch the parade and keep an eye out for you! :)

  9. Melissa-let DH do it instead!!

    Thanks Peggy & Larissa!!
    Peggy, I never made it to days :)
    Larissa, enjoy those hotel rooms (kids huh?)

  10. I've only been to Disneyland, too. I loooooved Pirates, and the Indiana Jones ride. The boy hated Space Mountain. He was only 5, though.