Sunday, December 18, 2005


Hi there, I was so sad without internet access--and even more frustrating was the fact that the library was next door--but the days that DH got back early were the days the library was closed early. DH was going in to work at 4 am regularly and back late some nights, so I wasn't going to hassle him (for a change).

Florida was great. First week we had a car, so I drove through Miami (Oh My God) to the Everglades and went on an airboat tour with the kids (DH was working). It was pretty cool, except for the wee man trying to throw himself overboard. I had no idea that gators got to be so big (I will post photo's when I can get them off DH's laptop). I also didn't realise they had crocs and gators in the Everglades (the biologist in me was bursting with questions for the tour guides).

On the first Tuesday we were there, DH finished at 2 pm and so we decided to 'pop' to the Florida Keys. A two-hour drive was a bit far (who knew?), but we stopped at Anne's Beach on Lower Matecumbe Key. The sea was flat calm and shallow, so we went swimming with the sun setting in the distance. I loved the Keys, even if we saw them only for a brief time--I'd love to go to Key West, so laid back after the hustle and bustle of Miami. I won't go into details about our only fight of the trip, when we got totally lost trying to drive back to Key Biscayne. Needless to say I am not used to being called stupid. We eventually stopped at what had to be Miami Dade's biggest police station where DH asked either an undercover cop, or a drug dealer, the way back. Anyway we made it--no biggy :0 What is it about men and asking for directions??

We went to South Beach (Miami Beach) the morning before we drove up to Orleando (5 hours). South Beach was lovely, we had breakfast at the News Cafe with the guy DH was working with and his gorgeous wife. I think we put them off kids for a few years LOL. Enjoyed the beautiful art-deco architecture and the fine sandy beach, our kids just stripped and climbed in the sea (as per usual).

Will fill you in on where we stayed, the stolen bike fiasco, and Disney World at a later date. Hope you are all well!!!!


  1. You've been gone?
    Actually, just turned the computer on as I've had it unplugged most of the day - more on that later. Will come back and read all of this but just wanted to say WELCOME BACK - not that I missed you or anything *g*

    Great pic!

  2. YAY!! You're home. :D

    Love the picture with you and yours and the mouse.

  3. Sounds like you had a pretty good trip - with a few glitches. Am curious about the stolen bike?

  4. Julie S3:15 am

    Hey Toni! Does it feel good to be back? Loved the pic, what a shame about Conor - I am not surprised though, it must have been an incredible experience for him and Jamie!
    Will write more soon.

  5. Wow, what a busy schedule. Glad you had a great time. And yes, post pictures!

  6. YAY! You're home! So glad to have you back. Disney World IS amazing and looks like your family had a wonderful time.

    miss ya.

  7. Thanks Everyone--great to be back, even if it is a little busy just now.