Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Ok, I've been slacking but I have excuses--we had a party Friday night, flew all day Saturday, party Sunday, party Monday... get the picture????

We stayed in Key Biscayne, a VERY exclusive community and millionaires playground. The accommodation was lovely, 3 pools (heated), private beach, tennis courts, nice apartment, grounds, fountains, gated community--the good stuff you know? But the people were lousy! I love the Spanish, me and DH spent a memorable New Year in Spain and partied with strangers all night. But the people (we met) on Key Biscayne? These people were the super rich, or the servants of the super rich--and you know what? They all looked liked they'd sucked lemons for breakfast.

Another nasty woman ruined my first dip in the pool with the kids because she insisted my son was peeing in the pool and he wasn't!!! He was wearing a swim diaper that fills with water and, therefore, slowly EMPTIES. Grrrr...

The anglos we met there were super friendly--and I'm not nationalist or racist, but everybody else was freaking rude and ill mannered to the extent that rather than saying 'Thank you' I was thinking '**** you' instead!

And the stolen bike... Well DH borrowed a bike off his colleague so he could cycle to work (and therefore we could save on the hire car ect). This worked fabulously until he popped to Winn Dixies on Sunday morning (he was inside for 10 mins) and came back to find the bike missing. The police said it was probably a local rich brat who couldn't be bothered to walk home. Grrrr. Still waiting to hear if it has been found. The upside of that was the two profs got a ride-along in a police crusier, looking for the stolen bike, and so did my son (who hopefully didn't get any ideas).


  1. Oh, Toni, sorry you had such a sucky time. I hope the new year is better.


  2. It wasn't sucky--I just didn't interact with many strangers!!! No it was great, just the people were crappy!!

    Thanks anyway Tanya :)

  3. Sorry things in the states went badly - but it looked like you did have some good times - Disneyworld!

  4. The rich!! Go figure. Place sounds lovely and other then the stuckup snobs, sounds like the perfect getaway.

  5. GRRRR. Rude rich people really irritate me. Sorry you had to deal with them on your vacation!

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