Friday, December 30, 2005

Men in 4-wheel drives

I blogged yesterday on the Great Escape Artists about some of the great books I've been reading recently. My secret Santa gifts arrived (thanks Mikey) so I have Keith Urban's CD on the computer (though I'm frustrated I can't copy it onto the hard drive, grrrhhh) and last night I started reading Susan Elizabeth Phillips' latest, Match me if you can. Isn't that the nicest cover ever?

So far it is everything I expected and more :) That woman is as funny as hell.

Writing-wise, I haven't done much. I was going to (and doesn't that sound like the classic excuse working itself up), but we were supposed to have visitors today, so I figured I'd better vaccuum the week's worth of dog hairs and crap off the floor, and wash the sticky fingerprints off the TV, and maybe dust, so people could breathe. Good plan. But the visits are cancelled due to unexpected illness--DD running a fever and puking. At least the place is clean for a couple of days!! DH is at work--where else would he be during the holidays? And he has the car, WHICH HE FREAKING DENTED A COUPLE OF DAYS AGO!!! I'm getting over it, honest! He had the nerve to blame the corner where it happened, saying his buddy had done the same thing a couple of weeks ago--duh--

'So you already knew it was a dangerous corner?'

I AM getting over it, I swear!!

So... I guess I should list the great things he's done, like clear the roof of snow, cooking ect, but I'm venting and this is MY blog :)

We are having weird weather--it has hovered around zero during the day, going down to -4C at night? I'm awaiting the big freeze, but this weather is set to last for a few more days at least. We have lots of snow, so when DH gets home from work I'm going to take DS into the front garden and build a snowman.

Happy 30th everyone!!


  1. My hubby slept in this morning, but still got up before me. And in those two hours that he had before I woke up, do you think he did a lick of housecleaning? Nope. Trash was overflowing, kitchen a disaster, and last night's beverages were still sitting on the living room coffee table. I informed him that I am DONE cleaning up other people's messes. Even if it's his and even if he has to stare at it for a week because he's too stubborn to pick it up, that's just fine with me.

    Men. Are. Dumb.

    Enough said.

    Hope your DD gets to feeling better! I've determined not to do any housework today, other than the absolute necessities.

  2. Hope DD is feeling better and that you got to make that snowman. Totally agree with the DH stuff.

  3. That's too funny, Toni, about your dh. Mine DID break my car and he is now sworn off the new one.

  4. MEN! That's funny :) Hope you forgive the poor dear soon. (hey, you said he reads the blog, so I'm being nice)

  5. Dear poor dear went to the pub rather than home so I could build the snowman so forgiveness took a while longer! BUT, yes, now he is finally forgiven :)

  6. My husband made up for his lack of domestication this morning. He cleaned the ENTIRE house, even down to scrubbing the walls!!!

  7. Melissa, I'm glad he came thru--I know we both have good ones, even if they're not perfect ;-)

  8. Admit it, it's those imperfections we love. Now, if they would just clean up after themselves. lol

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