Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Thought I'd post some light relief. Sean Bean is one of my favourite actors...and the basis for the hero of the (let me think) third book I want to write this year. I have really high hopes for his character as a police detective in a mystery series set in St Andrews. He doesn't have a name yet--it'll come to me, but he has a great backstory and sidekick and I spend a lot of time adding to that history at all sorts of odd hours of the day. Like his girlfriend was killed in an unusual way, his mother was devoted to him, but he never knew his father. He's solidly working class and falls for an American Prof at the uni whose father is a Senator and possibly going to stand for President at some future date (this will test my writing skills). We're talking chalk and cheese characters and I guarantee fireworks and lots of emotional anx.

And lots of dead bodies...I seem to fall over them in my scripts so apologies in advance to my CPs! Have a lovely...Wednesday (they all merge together in the holidays!!!!)


  1. Ohhhh, I love him!!! Except most of the time he's playing a villain - but then there's LOTR!!!! So I really love the idea of his being a hero - yessssss!

  2. Eve-Have you ever seen or heard of Sharpe?

    Sean Bean plays (Major?) Richard Sharpe--a character out of Bernard Cornwell's novels set during the Napoleanic wars. The whole series is fabulous and well worth buying (I must look for it on eBay!).

    Anyway, I always see him as a hero :) even if he makes a great bad guy ;-)

  3. Yes, I've heard of it - but I've never been able to see it. Bebo knows about it though. I think on her cable once there was BBC America - a channel we don't get. (huge sigh)

    Busy, busy day - and I'm still not done. :(