Wednesday, December 21, 2005

oow oow oow

Forgot... fell in love while I was away... Keith Urban (dur, didn't connect him with the aussie KU for a while). So Santa sent me a gift certificate for Amazon and I ordered Keith's CD (we are on first name terms), Sugarland, Jill's Get a Clue and SEP's Match me if You Can...

God bless Santa (thanks Mikey), and I really hope Keith and Nicole get the real deal, and wouldn't a baby be lovely...sigh (am I a sap?)


  1. I love Keith Urban, too, and I think it would be absolutely FABULOUS if he and Nicole got together. There are rumors that they are engaged, but, well, y' know the rumor mill!

    LOVE all your vacation pics of the animals!

  2. Yep - you are, but then so are the rest of us ...

    I'll have to give in and give him a try - Kate H. is always going on about him ... guess I've been missing something *g*

  3. I just got two of Keith's albums! But sadly, I don't love him. I like the guitar picking in his music, though and two of his songs are excellent to run to. Can't win them all, I guess.

  4. LOL Meretta, guitar picking sounds good! Running music...surely you can't beat 80's hits like 'eye of the tiger' 'we are the champions' 'I will survive'????