Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Wildlife

My favourite spot :D The Lighthouse at Bill Baggs Park

The cool thing about being a marine biologist is you can actually tell your kids what the creatures you find are...

Goose Barnacle...ugly buggers

Hermit crab--waving

Portugese Man O War

Bird (snigger)

And this is a view south-west off the Florida Keys...

And this was the best shot I got of a pair of gators...

And this guy lived on our balcony :D

Tomorrow Disney World :D


  1. Nice pictures. Were those critters just there or did you have to go looking for them? Very cool (from a girl who's wildlife sightings are those of deer and squirrel).

  2. I want one of the crabs. They look so cute! :-)


  3. Peggy, they were just there! Way too many jelly fish!
    The crabs were cute, there were loads of them :)

  4. So, enough pictures of the people you met - where are the animal pictures?

    That view photo was simply lovely.

  5. GORGEOUS pictures!
    Sorry to here about the bicycle.

    (()) on the buttholes being not nice.

  6. Hey--I know most Americans are good people, these people were all just weird with their noses stuck up in the air! Maybe they could smell poverty on us???

    Ho Ho Ho!!

  7. Still should've come to Texas! We're friendly here!

  8. Too bad about the snootey patooties. Oh well, definitely their loss!

    Love all your pics of the local flora and fauna.

    E wants to know if you saw any snapping turtles? (what is it with this kid? ;)

  9. Meretta--yes, we did. At the library (next door to the condos), which had a pond and waterfall and a zillion iguanas and a bunch of turtles!!

    Eve--Texas sounds like a great place to visit!