Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Having a Good Old Blog

Hello--I'm new :)
I'm struggling to post my pictures so in the meantime I thought I'd address something someone recently asked me.

'When do you find the time to write?'

Good question. Right now I have two small kids. One is in Pre-kindergarten and the other due to start Pre-K in the Autumn, assuming I'm successful with his potty training this summer--we'll see :) Obviously I write when they are out of the house. Let me clarify for people who think writing is a nice, easy occupation. I write from the moment I get back into the house after dropping them off, till the very last minute before I leave the house to pick them up. I may check my email and the Harlequin writers boards to see if there's any news from my friends or fellow writers, but I don't waste time, I don't surf, I don't lounge around, drink tea and watch Oprah (though I'd like to). I write or I edit what I wrote yesterday.
In the evenings, after having dinner with my husband, I write till I can't see anymore. Even though some days, not often, but occasionally, I'd rather watch Pop Idol or CSI. The only program I religiously watch is ER--I mean what can you say?? ER is ER.

So I steal time whenever I can get it. Work endlessly trying to improve my skills and learn my craft because I want to make this work. I hope that when my little ones eventually go to school I'll be able to write when they're at school and actually have some time off? My dream. Wouldn't that be nice :)

Writing is a great occupation: no time off, no pay, hurtful criticism and rejection.

You live your dream, you make awesome cyberfriends, and you write.