Thursday, January 12, 2006

Disastrous Day

Ugh. What a day! My son spent ALL last night crying and nobody got much sleep except for my daughter who was as chipper as a chipmunk all day today (grrhhh). A trip to the walk-in clinic diagnosed an ear infection for the wee laddie and hopefully Anti-Bs will sort him out without any more sleepless nights!

Funny, when you have a newborn you spend the first two months (if you're lucky) with almost continuous sleep deprivation, and you learn to function on irregular, sparse, constantly interrupted sleep. Then once you get out of the habit, even one night of broken sleep feels like slow death. I have circles around my eyes, I'm getting double vision and I'm swaying slightly--I do believe this calls for a drink and a dose of ER!!!


  1. Oh yum - what a way to end the evening - what dreams I'll be having now ;)

    Get some sleep.

  2. Hope the little guy is feeling better today and mom got some sleep!

  3. Yeay!!! We all did!! Feeling much better :)

  4. You're so right! One night of interrupted sleep takes you twice as long to get over as it did when you had a newborn. Glad your little guy is feeling much better.