Monday, January 30, 2006


Phew--haven't been feeling too great so was ordered by DH to not touch the computer yesterday.

"We have been here for a year and a half and you have sat in front of that computer for at least an hour everyday since we got here"

More like 4 hours on average I'd say--but I did have that vacation in Reno, and in Florida it was his old laptop, so not entirely accurate--BUT... it was time for a break.

On Saturday I baked--trying to entertain the kids as DH was at work. Unfortunately being a control freak and baking with a 3 & 5 year old was not conductive to karma. No wonder my mother never baked with us!!! I am the worst mother in the world, it is official and it can go on my gravestone. However, I have to say the baking was pretty darned good :)


  1. Pass a cookie, please?

    I'm sure your children love you dearly because of the baking fiasco. They'll have stories to tell on you when they're older..."Remember when mum...?"

    And it's good to take breaks now and again. Refresh one's system, but in the end, writers write and need to BICHOK. There's just no getting around that one. DH is just going to have to deal.

  2. LOL--yeah--he is. And he does but he was worried about me, and about the fact he can't spell me if I get sick. The trouble with having no family around!

  3. Cookies!!!!!!

    Meretta's right - we tell all sorts of funny stories about mother's cooking *g*

    If you're sick, you rest. No other way to do it. But you also get back in front of that computer as fast as you can!!

  4. Being in front of the pc was probably more restful than baking with two wee-yuns. Blueberry muffins looked pretty darn fine too! I've ate so many blueberries today I'm going to look like Violet out of Charlie and the Chocolate factory!!

  5. I rested Eve--reread SEPs books to try and decide what to send you...
    Nobody's Bay but Mine? Or Heaven Texas? But what if you don't like how she's done Texas? It sounds fabulous to me and Bobby Tom Denton is a fabulous hero--but so is Cal Bonner ;/
    Still thinking :)

    Still resting


  6. Deb--they are superfoods. It's OK to turn purple!!!

  7. Ooooh, those muffins reminded me I have about a gallon of frozen blueberries in my freezer! Thanks for the reminder. As for the computer, just remember to take breaks. As for the kids, they will probably forget anything bad and only remember the time you spent with them.

  8. Blueberries are one of the foods that are mentioned with Alzheimer's - they're supposed to be great for helping with the memory. I think - I don't really remember because I don't eat blueberries. *g*

  9. OOH, those look absolutely DIVINE, Toni! Can you mail some to me? Pretty please???

    I wasn't on the computer much all weekend. Just checked my email, mostly, and did the bills. Blech. But no writing done.

  10. They look yummy! I hate baking with the kiddies too. But mine are old enough to do it by themselves now.

  11. Brandy, thanks :)

    Eve--really? I'm gonna eat lots more :D

    Melissa--if there are any left around here... sorry you didn't get to write!!

    Peggy--wait till the boy wants to bake LOL!!

  12. YUM! Cyber pass those please.

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