Monday, January 23, 2006

I love goldfish

I'm so tired I am going to bed in a few minutes--and it is not even 8 pm yet!

We had a fine evening out and I learned far more about my friends' sex lives than they would have ever wanted me to sober. Very funny.

The temperature is due to go back up to zero-ish tomorrow, a 30 degree swing in 36 hours. It always amazes me when I think about it--the animals outside regulating their body temperature, the trees and plants battening down with their extremities physically frozen one moment, thawed the next. And the poor beneath the frozen surface of lakes and rivers just ready to explode again next spring.

Now, I have always been a champion for the common goldfish. No one really appreciates their true brilliance. They can survive in water from supercooled to 30 plus. They can survive in anoxic conditions (low oxygen) that would kill most fish species within minutes. They don't freak out when they are stared at, poked, netted, chased and otherwise tortured in millions of homes around the world.

Having been responsible at various times in my life for adult hatchery Atlantic salmon, wild Atlantic salmon, lake sturgeon, catfish and various other nutty, uncontrollably stupid fish, I would like to say goldfish make great pets!!!

I love goldfish.


  1. I had a goldfish once. The cat ate it.

    Get some sleep - see, you shouldn't stay out so late *g*

  2. I can never keep them alive. I try, but it seems I'm an automatic fatality for the goldfish. So, I've quit purchasing them.

    Glad you got some liquor and some sex talk lol

  3. LOL liquor and sex talk--not I feel cheap :)

    How can you kill a goldfish? Unless you are a cat :P

  4. I'm not even stepping into this one.

    I like Goldfish, too. Epecially the ones with the "bubble brains" or white ones with orange spots are lovely, too.

    So yes. I like Goldfish, too. We just don't have any for reasons I won't mention. ;)

  5. It's amazing what you find out about people when they're drunk. Sometimes that's not always a good thing! LOL

  6. She was drunk! She never mentioned drunk! ROTFL

  7. I was recently told about a child at nursery who really took to a goldfish, so much so that he ate it and completed shocked the teachers!!! Sex talk would probably not have caused as much concern. lol

  8. I wasn't drunk! My hostess was drunk!! I was fuzzy, and still am. I think it is more of a 1 am before I get to sleep thing (despite the 8pm bedtime) than alcohol. God I'm tired!

    LOL--the child ate the goldfish?? Now that is weird!!!

  9. Likely story *g*