Sunday, January 08, 2006


Everyone in my house is ill except DD--she was ill last week. DS is running a fever and looking very pathetic lying on the sofa. DH is next to him trying to write lectures even though he's come down with a cold/fever/bug. I am struggling manfully on (why is manfully a word?), delivering and picking up from birthday parties and nipping into the shops. I have a headache and a sniffly nose, but I'm still working on Storm Warning.

Adding the prologue means I have completely changed the opening of the book. Without the Prologue, Chapter 1 had a gothic undertone, but now we know the hero is the hero and therefore I need to change the emphasis.

Interesting reworking this--it makes me look at my characters in different ways.


  1. Sorry everyone is ill - I'm still struggling with the asthma today. Take care of yourself so you don't get sicker, more sick, icky, however you say it.

    Reworking a story is always interesting - sometimes invigorating, other times frustrating.

  2. Hope you're feeling well soon, Toni!

  3. Hope you're fam is better soon. Mine's all had the stomach bug--again--this week.

    I hate it when babies (and mommies) are sick.

  4. Me too! I'm not too bad--just a headache I can't shake. Worried about my baby though :(

  5. Sorry to hear you've all been unwell. Both of my DS's have been off school - don't you just love children hallucinating because they have a temperature and a body you could fry an egg on!!! No!

  6. Oh Deb!!! Your poor babies!!!!