Saturday, January 14, 2006

Mr & Mrs Smith

Last night DH and I watched Mr & Mrs Smith. We should have both been working so it was a blessed relief to find something on the TV we wanted to watch, and something that lived up to our expectations.

I really enjoyed the movie--and yes it is a bit far fetched, but very entertaining. I loved the fact that they threw the neighbors into the mix, and that someone actually called the police to investigate the noise when they shot up the house.

I couldn't decide if you could see the chemistry between Brad and Ang or not, because I think they're both pretty good actors and could warm up to a plank of wood if the script required it, but they suited each other.

I am not a fan of any man leaving his wife. And I like Jennifer Anniston. But all the time they were married I was waiting for them to start having kids, as I remember even when Brad was going out with Gwyneth he said he was keen to start a family. But nothing happened because (if you believe the press) Jen was too busy establishing her career. Now I know that is important (I'm a walking talking example of someone who didn't establish her career before she had kids), but... he always seemed so desperate to be a family man. I find it the ultimate irony that (according to OK mag) Jen is keen to start a family this year. ???

And I love Angelina Jolie. She is the ultimate spunky babe. And even in Wellies she is an incredibly sexy lady with that massive self-confidence that I don’t think you can learn—you’re either born with it or you’re not. But more important than that, to me, is a brain and a social conscience and the integrity to follow through in her beliefs. Few movie stars have given so much time and energy into helping others. And adopting kids, while much more the movie star thing, is a wonderful thing to do. I hope Ang & Brad can cope with all those little ones in one house (of course they can always hire a nanny J).

So, it is none of my business. I know that. And I don’t believe the tabloids (I did grow up in the UK after all). But how can you not have an opinion on these people when we are confronted with their life’s stories every time we open a magazine?


  1. I love the movie, too, and I have the same feelings about Jennifer and Angelina.

  2. My opinion is a bit opposite. I've never been a big fan of Pitt. Instead of waiting for the kids with Aniston, I waited for the divorce. So Hollywood.

    Angelina, yeah I kinda admire her for the charity work she does, but I can't fully admire a woman who goes around sleeping with another woman's husband. And the adopted kids thing? I don't know, kinda reminds me of a spoiled kid who sees a puppy in the window and wants one. Can't keep coming home with a new puppy everytime you visit the pet shop.

  3. Arhh. I don't think of the puppy thing. But I guess when you are Hollywood rich you can afford a few puppies!!

  4. I loved this movie and I definitely felt the chemistry between the two. Somehow, they seem better suited to each other than Jen and Brad.

    And Angelina is pregnant with Brad's baby. I expect People magazine's latest issue to have that for the headline!