Thursday, January 19, 2006

On the loose

I have been invited for cocktails at a friend's house Saturday night. DH has been invited to a whiskey tasting in the friend's husband's converted garage. Considering it is -20C, I know where I'd rather be :D

So I'm going out...for the first time in...hmmm...well it is the first time we've had a sitter since last April and the second time I've been out on my own since then (not including shopping :). How sad am I????

Not that we don't have a social life, she scrambles to assure everyone she isn't a 'nae mates, sad b*****d' as they are affectionately known in Scotland--it is just our social life usually involves the kids.

Please God don't give me a hangover--I'm too old for that!!

So, we're stepping out, baby.

As an aside I still have poop issues. My bitch (I mean that literally) was eating frozen poop in the garden?? My son emptied his poopy potty down the toilet, but missed??? I found more mouse poop in the spare room. Why am I surrounded by poop??

As an another aside--never leave pear juice on the table where your DH might pick it up and drink a whole pint--not good.


  1. LOL, Toni ... it won't be God's fault if you get a hangover :) :)

    Enjoy!! You deserve to let rip once in a while

  2. LOL Loreth--I know but I'm sure there's karma and cosmic forces involved somewhere!!!

    I forgot about Reno. I did get away for a whole week to put my feet up in Reno :D

  3. Toni, you deserve to shake it out to celebrate Venus Slipper! Did you even go out for dinner after you signed your contract? And you can always make sure you have a bottle of white wine in the house for "hair of the dog", you know...:)

  4. Oh go have fun and throw caution to the wind - it's not like you do it every Saturday night?

    I'm sorry, I'm still laughing about the poop. My poor Toni ...

  5. Hey--poop is overtaking my life!!

    I'll throw caution to the breeze maybe :) Control freak!

    We didn't go out when I signed the contract, but we had our trip to Florida which made up for it :)

  6. Yes. We mustn't forget Reno where we you drank a whole glass of wine while standing in line to get into the awards ceremony. You wild thing, you! ;)

    I haven't had to use this in many years...but here is my anti-hangover recipe:

    Extra strength tylenol/aspiri/advil and 2 huge glasses of water before going to bed. Repeat as needed upon waking.

    Or throw up lots. ;)

  7. LOL Meretta--a technicolor image :)

    A whole glass of wine? Me??

  8. WOOOOHOOO! Have fun, Toni!

  9. Warmth and cocktails or whiskey? That would be a difficult one for a malt loving kinda chick - could they do whiskey in the warm!!?

    A glass of water after every alcoholic drink (or aswell as) generally does the trick too.

    Have fun....... xx

  10. Inspired MR and i are going to meet for cocktails. Let us know which you recommend. Look forward to hearing all about it

  11. Deb, you can keep the whiskey :P

    Karen--when, where! I wanna come too!!!

  12. At my place, hopefully soon, if you can't make it we will do it again the summer.