Thursday, January 12, 2006


This is my heroine in Storm Warning. Isn't she gorgeous? Sorcha Logan. Scientific researcher and reluctant medium. She looks kind of capable doesn't she? And a little bit haunted? And she was a Surf-Life Saver in Australia, where she did her Masters, so she has to be fit. She looks pretty fit to me (I don't mean that in a British, 'She's fit' sort of way, that sixteen-year-olds' use). I am not a lesbian. But I can appreciate beauty.

This lady's real name is Caroline and she's a model for Boden

I'm lusting for clothes again :)

Back to Sorcha--I need to invent some great MSc project for her to have carried out around Brisbane, and even invent a couple of scientific paper titles that my hero can ponder over in the Journal of Bird poop .

(I have papers--Journal of Fish Biology, Journal of Experimental Biology, Biometry and some others I've forgotten). Hey, I'm a PUBLISHED author *vbg*

Anyway I need something that uses cameras and telemetry, combined with some sort of chemical analysis of poop (that is what they do :)). Actually turtles might work too. Her PhD is looking at puffins so I need technology that goes from land to sea to air. So turtles, while of the outside differing tremendously from puffins, might be close enough for the technology to be a straight switch. (I do realize that turtles don't fly BTW).

Need to think of something interesting and complex to bamboozle Ben (the hero--or Eric as I call him), but that won't bamboozle the intelligent readers--so all this thinking for maybe a paragraph in my novel?



  1. I had to do some medical research for the last half of the nineteenth century in one of my projects. And it was just for one scene. (I am not medical savvy so you can imagine the struggle.)

  2. Oh yes! And you want to get it right too!!

  3. You lost me after telemetry ... I'm just so science handicapped. I like her look: character, beauty, intelligence, humor and yes, a bit haunted. And she looks in shape.
    Turtles don't fly? *g*

  4. Maybe I should use you as my 'lay' reader Eve, when I get that bit done???

  5. If I can understand it, anybody can - go for it!

  6. I think you have a great idea to incorporate all of your PhD training into your book - your character will be so AWESOME and COMPLETELY realistic! Can't wait to read it!

  7. And people say it's easy to write a book? HAH! They don't have a clue!

    I don't suppose you could write about snapping turtles instead of puffins and humor my youngest? She is of the opinion that snapping turtles are a grave danger to anyone/anything in their vicinity.

    She once asked Loreth how she survived growing up in S. Africa with them ??? Told me to watch out for them when I went to Reno ??? Not sure where she got it, but she has an obsession/phobia for sure.

    And Sorcha looks lovely and quite capable. Can dress herself, too. ;)

  8. Loreth3:34 pm

    OMG, Meretta, that was too funny!!! This little angle looking up at me with wide eyes, saying: "How DID you manage to survive the snapping turles?"
    I thought I'd heard wrong :)Then I began to think maybe she knew something about southern Africa that I didn't. (Meretta has real smart kids)
    I chuckle just thinking about it.

    NICE clothes in that Borden catelogue, Toni :). Nice heroine, too.


  9. Snapping turtles huh? Very funny--not on my watch list but maybe Meretta's wee one has a point!!

    I'll check it out :) As an aside--did you know turtles can breathe through their bottoms?

  10. Some turtles that is.

    I have my PhD project sorted out I think. Monitoring heavy metal loads in seabirds and hence seeing if they can be bioindicators of pollution. The obvious metal is mercury. And you can measure it by taking a clipping of a feather.
    Combine this with tagging mating pairs (and their chicks) and monitoring the metal levels over time.
    I can put time depth recorders on the birds (might have to invent my own that are small enough) to monitor diving behaviour. Telemetry device would also give me the locations of where the birds are spending time--and if I had a camera on the bird I could confirm food consumption and link it to a specific area.

    What do you think?

  11. uh...right on Dr. Anderson :)

  12. I promise to keep it simple--but I need to know what she knows :)

  13. Does she know that you need to know what she knows?

    I'm going to go back and look at yummy guy again (whose name I can never remember but always recognize when I see it) because I'd rather his image be the last before going to bed - not bird poop.

    Africanus aferensis, in situ, paleolithic, mesazoic, and every other Anthropolgy word I can remember - so there!

  14. That would be Anthropology *g*

  15. I love Anthropology too!! Know NOTHING about it--much :)

  16. It's my minor. So maybe I'm not seriously science handicapped *g*

    Running late this morning, but the entry is up - finally. I think I used up all of my creativity on Jill's blog this morning.