Saturday, January 14, 2006

ugh--yearly prediction

Taurus: Hire the best psychic you can find. You are missing the boat or at least having a few blind spots in your career. No one else can probably tell you what's passing you by but a seer of good repute. I have recommendations if you need one.

Ah sh1t!!!!!

Eve--I hate you!!!


  1. I don't really hate you Eve :)
    But I hate that astrologer!

  2. I love you too sweetie *g*
    Hey, I'm too sick and dizzy to remember everything I just said to you on my blog so just check there and double it. Have a good night, I'm going to bed.

  3. I do NOT need to hear this....

  4. I'm not a taurus. I shudder to think about Aries. Now you have me curius!

  5. Kim