Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Vagaries of Rejection

I had to laugh this morning. I got a form R from HQN staffers for a book I'd sent them a query about months ago.

But I'd already received an R for the partial of this book--only the last rejection had a VERY nice personal letter from a HQN editor with lots of pertinant information about what didn't work for her and an invitation to submit more work.

So what would have happened if I'd just got the form R?

I think this goes to show how subjective the writing business is. A crap shoot!


(thanks Kathy Altman for my inscribed paperweight that I got for Christmas).


  1. Hmmmm, don't know what would have happened. There's a story in my book about rejections that talked about this man who took this little read high-fallutin' pulitzer book, copied it and sent it to the original publisher under another name. It got rejected. Go figure.

    Great going on all of the writing you've gotten done today!!!!!

  2. I'll tattoo that one on my forehead backwards, so I'm forced to read it whenever I look in the mirror.


  3. I think I know what happened but it still proves a point. And I like the pulitzer story. :)

    Tanya--easier to say than do sometimes right??

  4. LOL, Toni! Another anecdote for your collection for when you're famous, famous, famous and inspiring all the newbies to the industry!

  5. Ugh. Rejections suck no matter what. But I love the Churchill quote.

  6. Knew you would.

    Hmmm, who should I be today? Okay, I'm doing writing exercises, so ...

  7. Wild story, Toni. I like your upbeat attitude about it, though. And I've found that you can rarely go wrong quoting Churchill. ;)


  8. Paula--I'm pretty fond of the old bufty, despite some of his more dubious political decisions!! I am in an upbeat phase just now. Feel like I have to do the stuff, i.e. the writing the craft, I have to be better to get what I want!!! Can always just blame editors!!

  9. That's odd! And you're correct. It's all a crap shoot. Subjective and who actually dives into the slush.

  10. I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too. *g*

    Still can't get to my blog!

  11. I have a BIG dog--two of 'em

    he he he!!

    Stay here--you're mor than welcome :)

  12. Two dogs? Um, real big? I'll stick with the cat fights, okay?