Thursday, January 05, 2006


I didn't have any 'lose weight' new year resolutions. At 115lbs I don't feel fat. But I am flabby and the size 8 jeans I bought the other day feel a bit tight (must stop eating cookies now).

Sooo. Tomorrow. First thing in the morning, I am going to get the yoga mat and DVD out and get down to it. My DD loves doing yoga so we can do it together.

If you don't hear from me you'll know it was all too much. It's been nice knowing you :)

PS. I have noticed that despite the official difference between UK clothes and North America clothes being two sizes (i.e. a size 10 in the States should equal a size 12 in the UK). It is bollocks. Sorry but it is. No way am I a size 10 in the UK (wish wish wish). I figure they do it to make all the Americans visiting the UK feel fat--a great marketing ploy, huh? How to turm off all your visitors from buying clothes in the UK. Or they decided as Americans wouldn't pay the price of clothes in the UK, this is a way of 'sticking it back at them' so to speak. Anybody else noticed this or is it just me???? Or--maybe it is North American companies wanting us to all feel slimmer than we really are?

Am I rambling yet? :)


  1. It's our fault - our obsession with being slim. But really, sometimes I wear one size in one store and another size in another. We can't even make up our own minds.

  2. Don't know much about the size discrepancy, but I'm thinking it's probably a conspiracy. ;)

    And crap! Yoga is tough! Yoga hits those muscles you never, ever use otherwise. Like you said, Toni. It's been nice knowing you. ;)

    Seriously, good for you! It's great to have a fit mind *and* a fit body and it's great to set a positive example for DD.

    Have fun!

  3. After Christmas I began working at loosing some weight. Or at least, get into better shape. I'm not a gym gal so resort to motivating myself on the bike and power walks (walkman's really help). So far, I haven't seen any results. Poop.

    Good luck with the Yoga!

  4. Oh and yeah, you were rambling ...

  5. OK--haven't done it yet! Woke up at 6 am with very sore tummy. Might go for it later on, but I guess today was a bad day to pick :(

    Oh well, will walk dogs in the snow--always good for your thighs :D

  6. I have the same problem with sizes. One size in one brand will fit totally different than the same size in a different brand.

    I tried yoga once, but my knees are too bad. Hope you have a great time with it!

  7. You weigh 115 lbs. Okay I can no longer speak to you.


    Hee hee.

  8. Yeah but I'm only 2 foot 9"

  9. I remember meeting you this summer in Reno, and you looked great.

  10. Why thank you Jill--you looked pretty good yourself (and DH and the kids :))