Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Author Denise McDonald

Dennie is a friend and celebrating the publication of her first story...

Her Passion by Denise Belinda McDonald

ISBN: 1-59998-052-5

Length: Novella

Price: $3.50

Genre: Romance/Contemporary

Publication Date: March 14, 2006

Can a brief affair sustain a woman before her upcoming, loveless marriage?

Joel Burkhart's life is work, work and more work until he finds that one woman he's compared every other woman to since high school, but she's taken.

Colleen Nance feels her life closing in on her with her nuptials nearing. When passion ignites, she loses her head and loses control.

With a ticking clock, can the pair find what they need in each other or are they destined to continue in a passionless life where status-quo is good enough?


  1. Good show Toni - now shoo, shoo back to work!

  2. thanks!!! I am so excited!!

  3. Dennie--I am excited for you. Nice cover BTW!!!

    I'm shooing Eve!!

  4. (pssst) did you get any writing done?

  5. yes!!! Lots, though I feel like crap with a sore throat and took some medicene that knocked me out--but I fought valiantly onwards :)

    Made good headway today :)

  6. Does she know Joely? Wierd coincidence that name. Congrats to your friend. How wonderful.

  7. Scott yes, I think she knows Joely too :)