Friday, February 24, 2006

Bad Language Alert

I'm feeling a bit better. Now I'm about to moan so if you don't want to hear it please turn away now.

My doctor is a wanker. A total wanker.
Firstly let me say I have had a deep distrust of medics all my life, totally unfounded-- except for my hometown GP--and having had at least 10 GPs, a gynecologist, an obstetrician and a consultant during the last 20 years I have been proved wrong many times. There are a lot of good doctors out there.
But my doctor is a complete wanker.
I sat in the waiting room for 2 hours. Not uncommon, not even unexpected, but I had a good view of his office door during this time. A patient would go in, 5-10 minutes later (literally), he'd go in. Then the patient would leave and so would he. And he wouldn't come back for another 10 minutes. God knows what he was doing.
GPs are scarce in this town. When we arrived DH wandered into the nearest surgery and was astounded to find there were vacancies until he spotted the doddery old bugger shuffling across the floor. DH figures he'll be retired soon and we'll be taken on by the other doctors in that surgery--I'm not so sure. The doctor's face had no lines, no wrinkles, no humor.
Anyway, this is how my appointment went. Figuring he was busy and I'd save time I thought I'd point out the obvious.

"So, what can we do for you today?"
"I think I have tonsillitis." I said.
"Ah, so you have diagnosed yourself. You have a sore throat." He wrote that down. SORE THROAT.
"Well my tonsils are green," I pointed out, trying to be nice.
"Sore throat," he repeated. "Any cough?"
He checked my sinus' for pain. No pain.
He checked my lungs. Perfect lungs, thank you very much.
Then he swabbed my throat and I noticed a gleam of satisfaction in his washed out brown eyes when he made me gag. (Language could get much worse here, but I'm being good).
He didn't mention the green lining to my swollen tonsils. He didn't say anything at all, just gave me a prescription for anti-Bs. And I didn't say anything either because I'm stubborn.

I can't wait for a physical :(


  1. Anonymous9:32 am

    You might have been better going to see the vet, anyway get well soon

  2. Thanks Pop--a vet would have been much better!

  3. Poor Toni. Getting a good family doctor is the pits. We had a wonderful lady who would sit and listen to me whine and complain (physical ailment or not), delivered two of my girls, listened to them whine and complain---then we made the mistake of moving. At first we didn't switch docs because we all know how hard it is to find a real good one. But when baby #3 came along we had no choice. We definitely miss her. Oldest is having problems now and REALLY misses her. At least she told us we could come back anytime, even if she's not taking new patients. I have a feeling oldest will be taking her up on that.

    Hope you're feeling better soon. Take your meds, put a kettle on then curl up with a good ol' romance.

  4. Is wanker a bad word?

    GP's aren't my favorite. My first OB/GYN was like that. Good doctor but all the charm of a rattlesnake.

    I hope you start feeling better.

  5. I'm feeling better already!!

  6. Ooooh (scratch, scratch) you used the "w" word.

    I had the same doctor from the time I was 11 until I was almost 30 - he retired and I have never really replaced him. I could call up to the office, identify myself and didn't even need an appointment. The doctor I use now is okay (he inherited my doctors patients, so I assume that if my doctor trusted us to him, we could), but he's cut down his hours, lives in another town that involves highways (yuck)and it's first come, first serve - so unless you get there early you could be waiting an awful long time. Re: the 10 minutes between patients - some doctors go back to their offices to make further notes about the patient (just a thought - scratch, scratch)
    Glad you're feeling better!!!!

  7. Eve--Notes like--yes she really did have tonsilitus and I was a cynic to disbelieve her just because she doesn't have a medical degree? It could have taken him 10 minutes to write "She was right!" Venting is better than being miserable :)

  8. Oooh, you're feeling better.

  9. Peggy-- I hope DD finds a good doctor. Worth their weight in gold, especially to young girls.

  10. It was a man right?!?! I never go to male doctors - well real and truely haven't seen one since Mini-me was born - he's 4 1/2 now -

    though I relented and the boys have a male doctor (but female dentist!)

    feel better!

  11. Finding a doctor who will take the time to actually sit down and listen to you is becoming all but impossible. I'm fortunate in that I've found a GP and a GYN that are willing to spare that extra minute.

  12. Thanks Dennie and Melissa, Rene, Peggy and Eve! I got the kids a great pediatrician, but I'm going to have to investigate a better doc for me. Yes it was a man.

  13. I finally found a good Doctor this past year, female. I don't trust male Doctors to take me serously. I won't g into it, let's just say that my Dh filed a complaint. I don' go to the Doctor unless I feel like I'm dying. Good luck w/ yours in the future! B.
    p.s. glad you're feeling better!

  14. Glad you're feeling better, but what a wienie!

  15. Not you! I didn't mean YOU were the wienie! The doctor! I meant the doctor!

  16. LOL Mary--I was hoping you meant him and not me :D

    Brandy--that sounds serious! Hope you have a decent doc now.