Sunday, February 26, 2006


When I was sick and the children weren't here, Thursday, I decided to carry on my romance research by watching the movie Casablanca. Hadn't watched it for years. DH isn't fond of black and whites or costume dramas. In fact, I distinctly remember lying to him when Sirens came out in the theatres and just telling him Elle MacPherson got her kit off--and didn't tell him the kit was nineteenth century. He groaned when we got there, but we saw the movie. Who could resist a naked Elle?

Anyway. Casablanca :) What a fab movie. People always go on about the lighting and direction--and it is great in all these aspects, but it is the chemistry and the acting and the character driven plot that totally makes the movie work. I don't find Humphery particularly attractive--he's the polar opposite of my husband--but in that movie, on the screen generally, he has such charisma, such low key, burning intensity that he captures you totally.

And Ingrid Bergman.

I think women regard beauty differently to men. To me Ingrid Bergman is absolutely beautiful. Those eyes and lips, her profile. Totally lovely. I actually have a friend who I think has that sort of beauty--she doesn't see it but many people do.

So I watched the movie and noticed all the romance taboos it broke. Married heroine, Rick and Ilsa had had an affair when she thought her husband had died. It was politically motivated and we didn't get our HEA.

So why does it work? I think because the decisions the characters make are morally right. True love doesn't bely the importance of doing the right thing. And maybe that says more about what true love really is...An ideal connection, an unbreakable bond, something that doesn't have to be stated or proved, but just is? I don't know who wrote Casablanca, it strikes me though it is a typical man ending. Think Nick Evan's Horse Whisperer, Nick Sparks' Message in a Bottle, Robert James Waller's Bridges of Madison County.

I also think Casablanca works because you hope (or at least I do), that Rick and Ilsa get a second chance back in the States, after the war is over.

And at least they'll always have Paris...


  1. Casablanca is one of my all-time favorite movies. Even though Rick and Ilsa aren't together at the end, it's a romance and a thriller and a mystery and a buddy movie and you're emotionally and intellectually invested in the story from the minute it opens until Rick and Louie walk away at the end.

  2. Allison!! I just finished the Prey! Very good! Excellent in fact. Might even be able to persuade DH to read it.

    I can tell Eve isn't so keen :)

  3. Nope, Eve is just thinking.

    Aha - just as I suspected. You have one of those RSS thingies - that's how you knew I had finally posted on my blog. Okay - that answers that.

    I have a little work to do ...

  4. Do I? I just got lucky ;-)
    Then there's that heightened perception ESP thing going on :)

  5. I have to confess, I've never seen Casablanca, can you believe that? I had it on my Tivo for a year, then I switched my Tivo out for a new Tivo and forgot. I'll see it one of these days.

  6. ESP? Must be something because I posted and you responded within 5 minutes. And I don't usually post on Sundays which means - which means you've been checking up on me. uh huh, see, caught ya. LOL

  7. I haven't seen Casablanca yet! Although I did go through a phase when I was ypunger of watching old black and whites like 'Topper' (loved it) or alot of Fred Astaire. I always thought Fred was kinda cute and sauve in a boy next door way. I'm wierd, huh? Never mind, I don't want to know! Ha!

  8. You're not alone in thinking Bergman was beautiful. It's her daughter that freaks me out. Bogey was a classic, and there will never be one just like him. He could act without speaking.

  9. Never liked this movie even tho it's a classic. I love my HEA too much. Major let down.

  10. This is my all-time favorite movie and I think it works mainly because of the period it was set in. Yes, it doesn't have an HEA but there is a very good reason why. And I like to think that maybe Rick and Ilsa got a second chance down the line someday (in my mind I gave them their HEA).

  11. All right Peggy! I was kind of waiting to see if I was all alone in my opinion. I do want my HEA. But this is one of Bebo's favorite movies - does that help?

  12. Brandy, I think you'd like it!
    Scott-Isabella! Beautiful lady.
    Michele--I'm with you exactly!
    Peggy, Eve, LOL, no need to worry. You are totally entitled to your opinions!

  13. I need to watch Casablance again. It's been years.

    But I usually prefer a good 1940's or 1950's film to a modern one - there's something just so refreshing about them.

    A wonderful, WONDERFUL love story is "Frenchman's Creek" with Joan Fontaine, made in the 1940's.

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