Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sporting Heroes

OK--I went on a hunt yesterday--while babysitting a friend's child and my crazy 3 year old. Anyway I was looking for good looking American Football players. It was a whim, but what a difficult task! Seriously these guys are not pretty. And after reading Susan Elizabeth Phillips' All Star books I was expecting a little more handsome. Here's what I got from Scott and Eve.

Brett Favre-No!!
The Barber twins, Ronde and Tiki--OK--these guys are handsome.

How about Tom Brady? Well finally! This guy is a romance hunk and even had a photo with 2 gorgeous babes that I would have put up in horror, except for all I know they are his sisters.

Howie Long--this is your idea of handsome and yet you are still single? OMG. I left his helmet on, on purpose :)

Troy Aikman--well OK, in a preacher kind of way he's sweet. And I know he was a fine quarterback (even I know), but he's not hot!

So I remembered all the glorious rugby players. DH will get a kick out of this! the only way he gets me to watch rugby!

Dan Carter--All Blacks

Nick Evans--All Black

Johnny Wilkinson--England

Sorry--there were lots lots more, but I couldn't fill up my hard drive :D

But the most impressive sportsman I know, not in terms of beauty, although as a young man he was truly beautiful, Jonah Lomu.

He was the first world icon of rugby union even though he never played at more than 75% of his physical potential. All his life he suffered from a rare kidney disorder that nearly killed him in 2003/2004. Only a transplant from a friend saved his life, and now he is once again playing professional rugby. His story is on his website and is really amazing.

And I believe (getting all pompous rather than banal) that his sporting spirit, embodies what is most attractive about sportsmen--and that is not their pretty faces (or not, in the NFL :))


  1. A while back me and dh were watching hockey and between periods they had some interviews with the players. I couldn't believe how cute they were. In our day, homely hockey players were the norm. I couldn't find a cute one if I tried. But today, wow, they sure are getting cuter!

  2. I noticed that about hockey players too :)

    My son is home from daycare with a fever, poor baby. Not sure if I'll get much done today!

  3. Okay, I have two things to say about American Football players: Darryl (Moose) Johnston & Golden Richards. Both of Dallas Cowboys fame.

    All-American boys, I'm tellin' ya!

  4. What picture of Howie did you find? I'm going to have to find one for you and send it to you!!

  5. Um....I'm switching my football fantasies to rugby players. Those boys are HOT HOT HOT.

  6. i'm with Melissa! And the rugby players aren't all covered up by their uniform either. :D

  7. LOL--I'll give those NFL boys another go when I get the chance, but they have high standards to aspire to :)

  8. HAMANA Drool. Nice rugby players :)

  9. Hugs to your wee one, Toni! Hope he's feeling better.

  10. Thanks Peggy. He's up and down.

  11. (snort, snort, snicker, snicker)you have way too much time on your hands.

    Hope the little one gets to feeling better soon.

  12. Heyyyy, I think Howie Long is good looking, too!

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