Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Storm Warning

Loreth sent me this LOL.

What a gorgeous cover--and perfect for Storm Warning. Unfortunately it is someone else's :)

If it were mine I'd change the wooden cafe to a stone cottage and take away the icebergs. Scotland is not THAT cold!! I'd add some seaweed to evoke the senses and maybe a fishing trawler off the coast.

Having stolen Cindy's cover here's her blurb--the book sounds good too!!

There are places that can remake you — slippery, gray places. Places that hold their secrets in the fog and whisper them on the wind. And if a floundering, trashy cocktail waitress finds herself drifting across the line between the ordinary world and this place, something fearsome and beautiful could happen. Something could change.

Sweeping across two hundred and fifty years and into the Aleutian Islands of the Bering Sea, the story explores Aleut culture, taboos, mummies, famine, conquest, and survival. It leaps forward to a lost woman, who more than any thing needs to understand the gray shades between heroism and evil, between freedom and bondage, between this place and the rest of her life.


  1. I think I'm going to read this! Thanks for the blurb, Toni.

  2. Oh it is perfect for Storm Warning. Maybe you'll get something similar.

  3. Beautiful cover. Intriguing blurb as well.

  4. I really must read that book. Love the blurb. And yep, I think the mood of the cover is very evocative of STORM WARNING :).

    Hmmn ... it's high time I get my new website out there, methinks.


  5. The book sounds interesting.

    It's a great cover and with a few changes there would be no reason why it couldn't be used again.

  6. LOL--isn't it pretty. I want to read it too!!

    Loreth I can't wait to see your new website :)

    Eve, I hope blogger is behaving for you.

    I am writing today. Must not linger!!

  7. How did the writing go?