Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl

I tried to find a photo of a good looking football player, but I couldn't find any (I'm sure there are lots but I couldn't find them :( )

So just a quick note. Apparently we, the family, are supporting the Steelers. Unfortunately I have this hankering for the Seahawks.

Just so you'll know :)


  1. I really don't care which one - except I'm sort of going for the Seahawks because they've never won a Superbowl, and as long as they're not playing the Cowboys, I'd like every NFL team to win at least one Superbowl. This is their first time to a Superbowl in the 40 years its been held and the Steelers have won 4 bowls already. Plus, I don't want the Steelers to catch up with to the Cowboys in SuperBowl wins.

    But I'm really watching for the commercials!

  2. I forgot to mention I am the kiss of Death LOLOL

  3. I forgot to remember that you are the kiss of death. grrrrrrrrrr

    Oh and I backed you up on Brandy's blog. :)

  4. How do you feel about Brett Favre? Pat Tillman was very handsome, but he was killed in Afghanistan. The Barber twins, Ronde and Tiki, fit the bill. How about Tom Brady? None of these are romance hunks, but still.

  5. Howie Long always got my vote. Then there was my Troy Aikman crush.

    Oh Toni - BTW - tag, your it!

  6. Scott--I've heard the names but I wouldn't recognise them if I sat on a plane with them for 20 hours!!

    I will investigate their beauty later--because otherwise it'll have to be rugby heroes :D Eve ditto. I will check out these beauties. Most seem to look better with their helmets on :D

    Tagged??? Must check out your blog

  7. I didn't realize it was on till I sat down with hubby to watch a really great Rolling Stones concert and was informed it was actually half time. How disappointing.

  8. Peggy--I cursed the Seahawks! Sorry boys!! Congrats to the Steelers who looked so happy!!

    I saw Mick too. Amazed he's still going, and looks about the same as when he was 20!! not that he's pretty :P