Sunday, February 19, 2006


From Eve

Current clothing: soft roll neck sweater, turquoise cords. Bright pink slippers

Current hair: mid length kinky, dark dark brown

Current mood: Ok

Current refreshment: looking forward to my next cup of tea

Current annoyance: hairball in my throat from brushing dogs last night.

Current avoidance: Not avoiding anything, unless you count cooking and cleaning ;-)

Current smell: pancakes

Current thing you ought to be doing: online class of how to deal with galleys

Current thing or things on your wall: Poster by Al Harvey of mountains, cowboys and horses. Hero and heroine pictures (Eric Bana and a lovely model named Caroline). Picture of me and DS diving the GBR--aged 3 (her not me). Kids artwork. Notes, family photo from last year.

Current IM/person you are talking to: I only IM Kim and I'm bad at even remembering to do that.

Current jewelry: gold band

Current book: Deep Blue Suzanne McMinn

Current worry: Kids colds, money

Current love: Always DH

Current longing: cup of tea

Current disappointment: not being further along in my second novel

Current lyric in your head: It's 5 o'clock somewhere--Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet (telling me something I think :))

Current music: Country--I can write to country

Current Favorite book: Hot Target Suzanne Brockmann

Current undergarments: Black cotton knickers and matching tank top thing.

Current desktop picture: My dog Ben--a rather arty picture I took of him last spring up near frozen Lake Manitoba. It's hard to get a good shot of a black animal

Current plans for tonight/weekend: working on online workshop, editing a scene from Storm, playing with kids.


  1. I loved Deep Blue!!
    Knickers - I just have to laugh at the language difference. Here knickers are short pants that button below the knees - young boys my father's generation (born 1922) and before used to wear them - you used to know when a boy became a young man because he would graduate from knickers to long pants. Today you see them still on some golfers. I think there was a stage when women wore them. So anyway, I just have a giggle when I read the word in something "British" and it refers to underpants. When I was younger I didn't know that and was just confused by these women wearing boys short pants under their dresses?! :)

  2. Sheesh. The things you are talking about are plus-4's LOL.

    I have the same reaction to panties--that sounds naughty compared to knickers :) I've had funny reactions from Canadian males I've told to rifle through my drawers. Always good for a laugh.

  3. I think you would get funny reactions from American men if you said that!