Sunday, February 26, 2006

Writing Goals

This week I really want to make headway with Storm Warning. I did great last Tuesday, but then illness and KOD volunteering have taken all my spare moments.

I have to say I don't like volunteering. I'm selfish and greedy and time starved. Anyway, at the moment I rewrite the blurb for the Kiss of Death workshops and send it out a few times a month. That's what I do for Publicity. Then I'm on the Canadian Retreat committee--who are lovely I have to say--but this is really a drain on me.

I know others do lots more than I do--but to me that is not the point. I do it because it is a great writers group.

Not sure how long I can keep it up (not to mention my committment to my critique partners, my crit group online, judging the Daphne, trying to be part of my writing loops and blog community and my poor children!!!), but I'll keep trying for now :)

Anyway--this is a draft of the advert I just made for RWR. Factually correct I believe, though I might still fiddle with some details. In Victoria!!! I'd love to go, but doubt I can afford it this year after my big holiday back home in the UK.

What do you think of it??


  1. This looks great Toni! Too bad you can't go, but then I would choose the UK over the conference too. *g*

  2. Thanks Eve--I'm a bit worried because I don't want to screw up LOL!

  3. Oh--did anybody else spot my lighthouse theme going mad??? I even tried to put one on my website but couldn't get it right. Must work on my website again soon.

    I live too far away from the sea to be a lighthouse freak, and too far from the sea when it is my anchor. Oh well. I'm stuck. I'm going to enjoy it. Just as soon as the damn snow melts and the temps get about double digit minus'

  4. I like it. You did a great job of incorporating the KOD logos.

    I know about the volunteer drain. I made the choice between volunteering for my chapters and volunteering for kids stuff. It seems tougher to get soccer coaches and daisy leaders so I opted for that. I'd like to get more active in KOD. Maybe when I get the littlest one in school I'll have more time.

  5. Rene, I know, how can you do everything? I keep thinking once DS is in school I'll have more time for writing. I'm thinking I might carry on for at least a year and then if I do give up I have done my part for the time being and can move on to the kids stuff after school hours.

  6. Toni, I *love* it! Great job and well done. Really like $USPENSE THAT $ELLS. :)

  7. Looks good to me. Very nice. Wish I could go---though I don't have UK trip to fall back on.

  8. Meretta--I didn't think of the $ wish I had, but our committee is very talented :D

    Peggy--I am so glad to be going to see my family. They could be in Antarctica for all I care. It's been over a year already since I have seen most of them.

  9. Ahh...sorry you can't go.

    Time...what is that?

    Off to study for midterms.

  10. You'll notice a little change tomorrow. I got mad at bravenet.