Thursday, February 09, 2006


Writing...remember that? With various illnesses and general life stuff getting in the way I haven't got much done recently. I have however been working madly polishing the first 25 pages of Storm Warning for the Four Seasons contest.

Tonight I printed out the score sheet and marked myself :) I did pretty well, although I realise how unobjective I am about my own story. I think these days you need between 97-100% to final.

Presentation and mechanics
Overall Impression

Now after working on my baby I think I've got most of these licked (how immodest). But I've listened to lots of advice, upped my pacing but kept the necessary descriptive details, made my character motivation clearer, used hooks and kept narrative and author intrusion to a minimum.

But it is hard to get everything just right in the first 25 pages because you don't want to reveal too much and have nothing to divulge later in the book--you need to maintain a certain amount of mystery to keep the reader interested. True??

Now I wish Michele Bidelspach from Warner Books and Barbara Collins Rosenberg from The Rosenberg Group would just take me on trust and have me send them the full manuscript, but I guess I'll have to be judged and weighed like everybody else. :)


  1. I'm sure you'll be fine - after all, your my FBA!

    But then, I'm slightly prejudiced :)

  2. LOL--I am not sure at all. Judges always either really love me or really hate me. Makes it hard to get anywhere in contests.

    Or that could just be plain old lack of talent and fooloing myself :/

  3. The first 25 pages can be the most difficult. You want to tell the reader everything or draw them into the scene. Yet too much can sometimes be too overwhelming and too little can be too confusing. Tricky stuff.

    Good luck with the contest.

  4. Huh? Lack of talent? Get the soap! Even half asleep I'm outraged!!!!! Behave!

    What Peggy said - x's two!

  5. Ooohhh, I hate doing contests!
    Good Luck!!! Hope they love you. Hope they want MORE! ;>

  6. I'm just telling you how I feel :) I've had some sh1tty comments from judges and full marks from other people in the same contest!

    If I get 2 people who loathe my 'voice' I'm screwed.

    Anyway once it goes in the mail I won't even think about it till they announce the winners, and possibly not even then LOL. But writing contests don't help you finish the book (or refinish the book on a rewrite) and that is what I need to do now.

  7. I love your voice and I love Storm. GO TONI GO!

    All bodily parts crossed and twisted in your honor. :)

  8. LOL--meretta that isn't the yoga thing again is it? You must watch out for that :) Thanks BTW :)

    Must remember to send out the cheques :)

  9. Hope you do great in the contest, Toni!

  10. You have a strong voice and a great one. Go forth!