Monday, March 06, 2006

Bob and Jen

In case any one doesn't know Bob & Jen link refers to Bob Mayer and Jennifer Crusie's blog; two bestselling authors who have collaborated on a Romantic adventure novel called Don't Look Down.

Meretta, Loreth and I saw them (and met them though they won't remember me LOL, not sure about Meretta) at the KOD AGM in Reno. How smart was that of KOD? We'll feed you and get Bob & Jen to give their first ever joint speech as long as you come to the AGM?

A no brainer.

Well the beauty of this collaboration is Jenny writes the female POV and Bob (ex Special Forces aka Robert Doherty) writes the guy POV. I am so looking forward to this book. I love writing the male POV in a novel, but I am all too aware of the potential pitfalls. Not just how men speak, even how they think, but what they notice. What is the first thing a guy really notices about a woman? And is sex more important than beer? Or sport?

I love Jenny Crusie's books. I love her intelligence. She's kind of this mad whirlwind in real life and Bob seems like the rock in that storm. I love that.

And they seem like opposites in other ways too--like their desks. There's a writer's website out there (sorry I don't have the link) with pictures of their desks/workspace. Bob's is glorious, looking out onto a pool. Jenny's looks like the worst student dive. But who cares? It just another reflection of two polar opposite personalities and for me the idea of them working together--as opposed to two people with similar personalities, makes this collaboration a thing of beauty.

The blog also contains loads of writing nuggets--wonderful stuff packed into the madness of their promotional and writing lives.


  1. I've never read a Jenny Crusie

    *runs and ducks from the flying tomatoes*

    I am interested in this book now because I'd love to read the tone and see how this works out. I'll bet it's fabulous!

  2. Kendra--she is just so funny. Not slapstick, but understanding how women think in regards to men. She's great.

  3. I love Jennifer Crusie! "Bet Me" is a hoot. And her desk makes me feel so much better.

    Have had trouble with blogger this morning, so am now making me rounds. It didn't like your site, but loved Peggy's? Go figure.

  4. I'm having problems too--and who wouldn't love Peggy's site :)

  5. Bob and Jenny rock.

    And of course, I would hope they don't remember *me*. Because that would mean that I hovered too often. Or introduced myself too often. Or gawked too often. Which I didn't do. At all. I think. ;)

  6. I got the priveledge of meeting Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer a couple of weeks ago. Your description of them is very apt! I have almost all of Jenny's books on my keeper shelf, and Bet Me was good. No one seems to like my favorite os hers, though. Can't wait for the new book!

  7. Brandy what is your favourite Crusie novel?? I haven't read all of her work. I'm catching up though :) Where did you meet them--did I miss it on your blog???

  8. Toni, I met them at the SC Book Festival, I blogged about it! (I was soooooo very nervous!) My favorite book of hers is "Fast Women". I love the first chapter where she practically wrecks the office accidently while there for a job interview!