Saturday, March 04, 2006

Constant Gardener

DH and I watched The Constant Gardener last night. I mentioned Pride & Prejustice and DH turned white and jumped on this thriller :D

Gotta love a predictable man.

I am not a big Ralph fan. He's OK looking. But he is a very good actor. Like Russell Crowe. Capable of looking dorky and just plain unattractive by a stoop of shoulders or a wimpy smile. Rachel Weisz's character is very unattractive at first too--until the film starts to unfold. I'm not going to spoil it, just say it was brilliantly acted and the love story is very, very nicely done (if a little abrupt and definitely sad).

I was looking for a reason behind the title. I am 99.9% positive I read an article somewhere that it is a spy term, but can't find any reference to it now.

I did find a wonderful interview with Le Carre on John Connelly's site.

David Cornwell (Le Carre) says at the end of the interview. "Writers are not the heroes of society," he concludes, "but its betrayers, its sneaks. There is larceny in us, for which we do not have to have the example of a wicked dad.

"But," he adds, "it helps..."

I find that very interesting. Larceny in us. How often have I looked at somebody's life story and thought, I could use that in a story. People, places, news items. Bad, wicked, terrible things that I want to steal and put in my own stories. Joy, love, expressions.

I steal it all and try to use it as best I can.


  1. I watched the Constant Gardener, mid Altantic and some ungodly hour. It was great, I too disliked the leading lady, far too bolshy but it all unravelled very nicely, snivel sniff...

    We watched Roll Bounce last weekend which was very good too - a bit of a 70's roller skating Grease type film, great music and very funk hip. Big moment too when youngest son cried at his first film ever!!

  2. I'll keep an eye out for this one :)

  3. Bebo is a big Le Carre fan, so we'll probably end up seeing this at some point. And I love Rachel Weiss (sp?), especially from the Mummy movies. She's won some awards for this one, so should be interesting.

  4. Brat! I already answered you on my blog, so I'm not doing it here. Get some coffee :)

  5. I quite liked this movie. Liked the way it was presented, too. Very well done.

    Isn't 'Constant Gardener' a reference to the theme of finding ways to improve the world around us? So that we're all constantly gardening? That was my take on it, anyway.

    And Pride and Prejudice is out now? Must get to the video store!

  6. Meretta--a simu post! Is everyone better?

    Maybe--maybe that's the meaning behind the term. I wish I could remember where I read what I read about the term. It is bugging me.

    The director apparently tried six different ways to cut the movie and ended up doing it the way Le Carre did. Interesting I thought. :)

  7. I wanted to see that. I really liked Ralph in movies, I think he is a wonderful actor. But why does he insist on calling himself "Rafe?" It is spelled Ralph. DH has a total thing for Rachel Weisz. He may even watch the oscars to see her. He loves pregnant women, thinks they are gorgeous. I think its the bustline.

  8. Deb--I forgot to say DD cried at a movie last month. Snow Dogs. She snorted and snifled. It was lovely!!

    Rene, Rafe must be an aristocracy thing because common people in the UK would also say Ralph, but I have heard Rafe is the preferred pronuciation for the uppercrust!