Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Yesterday was a good day for writing. I am up to page 378 of my wip with the closure of the mystery/suspense done, but not discussed and the resolution of the romance to...well to resolve.


I took my daughter to the supermarket in the morning (bought too many cookies, but I drink tea and eat cookies when I'm in the zone so it's to be expected).

Anyway I hadn't had any breakfast and I said in the car park. "I'm hungry, I forgot my breakfast. You should never go shopping when you're hungry."

I thought no more about it until we went to get her the ubiquitous shopper's cookie.

The lady gave her one and then DD piped up, "Can I have another one for my mom, please? She forgot breakfast."

It was pretty sweet!!!


  1. 378! Yay!!!!

    Yes, that was very sweet. What did she want? LOL

  2. Congrats on the WIP!!

    Such a sweet feeling to finish that first draft. I finished mine just over a week ago.

  3. Eve--she's going through a really nice phase just now :) Won't last ;-)

    Jason--thanks! I'm nearly nearly there. Maybe tonight with a bit of luck. Congratulations on finishing your first draft!!!

  4. Congrats on the WIP, Toni. Keep at it! :)

    And my DD's love the shopper cookies! Doesn't hurt that Twinkle, another Spark Leader, works in the bakery either. A free cookie and a friendly face go a long way with them!

  5. Meretta--friends in bakeries are always good :)

    The shopper's cookie are a great idea--except when the bakery staff are busy or there is no one there! Because my kids are now conditioned (through no fault of mine I may add) to only shop quietly if they are stuffing their faces with chop chip cookies!!

    And Meretta if she's Twinkle, who are you???

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