Friday, March 10, 2006


On the way home from school yesterday (an event that almost went pear-shaped, but DD saved it at the last moment even if her lip trembled) we went to the library. I had to return a bunch of books and I had to pick up some writing books I'd ordered. Anyway--I saw this book and could not resist bringing it home.

I found out a few things.
1) I'm a swimmer
2) I'm a looker (finally :))
3) I'm a Different Drummer with a maverick Mercury
4) My life line has the Power of the Middle
5) My head line and life line start out connected with chains and islands
6) I have a writer's fork (Hallelujah) (i.e. my head line ends in a fork)
7) My fate line ends beneath my little finger--indicating I'm headed towards a profession where communication is important
8) I have wandering mounts (could explain my riding ability?)
9) I have a worry wart grill
10) I have almost 'flat' palms

I enjoyed the book. I got a good fast gist of what they were trying to say and agreed with most of it.

The biggest question really was how did I end up doing a degree in science????


  1. You have a fork on your head? *gg*

    That sounds like a fascinating book - I might have to venture out to my library to look for it.

  2. What a great idea to pick up a book like that. Now you have some expertise if you want to use a palm reader as a character.

  3. Scott--I was actually thinking the same thing????

    Eve--wouldn't be the first time :D It was interesting. I liked it :)

  4. Soooo, broke your desk again. Gotta watch that celebrating.

  5. Eve--I love your vicarious sex life :D

  6. If my hands weren't so wrinkly (obviously has lots of previous lives) I would scan them and ask you for a reading....


  7. It's because you are getting so OLD Deb!!! (Reminder to self to sort out March b'day cards).

    If they weren't wrinkly you wouldn't be so interesting!!

  8. My goodness - I must be VERY interesting. Yes, pls don't forget the March birthday cards, especially the really important ones!! xxxxxxxxx

  9. (snort) I'm glad somebody does ...

  10. Now I'm wondering what in the world my palm says.

    Writer's fork eh? Was there ever a doubt?

  11. I could see a reader looking at my palm...."You have a very inters...snzzzzz".

  12. I think that would be a fun read. I had a friend in college who read palms. Mine was pretty dull as I recall. There was a guy in our group with a short life line. We agreed she should not say anything. He was pretty sensitive.

  13. Brandy!! LOL I am sure you are very interesting!!!!

    Rene--according to this book the length of the life line was irrelevant. Which I thought was pretty nice :)