Thursday, March 02, 2006


I printed out pages 1-244 of Storm Warning last night. One of my favourite feelings is holding that warm printed out paper in my cold hands. Anyway, I printed it out during the advert breaks of American Idol. Man I love that show. Anyone see the girls Tuesday night? I really do not like Brenna or Heather. Everyone else I loved.

Everyone hates Simon--except me. I have NEVER disagreed with him, either here or in the UK. People think he's cruel, but I figure that is the business. Reality in the pop world.

It reminded me vividly of the live panels in Reno, where agents and editors laughed or chuckled derisively at some of the works presented to them. I felt for those people whose work was shredded. Just like I feel for the contestants who have a bad night.

But Simon Cowell is who we are facing whenever we send off our manuscripts. They might look like Paula and Randy, but beneath the surface every agent, editor and contest judge is Simon Cowell.

Remember that.


  1. I agree. Simon and i hardly ever differ. It's just tough because it's done on national tv. But they knew this coming into the competition. If they want the short cut to fame and fortune, they gotta pay the price.

  2. I love Idol!! I hate Brenna and hope she gets squished like a bug!

    And I also love Simon. He says what everyone is thinking but won't say out loud. I think, in many ways, Paula is more cruel. When people ought to be refocusing on some other career because they're just not cut-out for singing she sits there and gives them false hope. Tell it like it is, give them a chance to find something else. And more - if Paula gives you a compliment its pretty meaningless because she hands them out to everyone (although she's being a little more realistic this year), but when Simon gives out a compliment - well, that's something extraordinary and should be taken to heart. Randy's okay - he's sort of in the middle, but I've noticed that he's agreeing a little more with Simon.

    Can you tell I like this show? I don't vote until it gets down to the final twelve though. I haven't learned all of their names yet, but I like the gray haired harmonica player - I don't think he'll win, but I plan to enjoy him for as long as I can. The last guy was fantastic!

  3. I don't dislike Simon. I think he's a great character. At times I think he could use some tact, but when he's wrong, he admits it and that holds a lot of water with this chick.

    I don't like Heather or Brenna either. Definitely not wowed by Kayla (sp?) Brown. I like Paris. And Kelly. But I don't think a girl is winning it this year, I think it belongs to a guy.

  4. Wow--we all like Simon :D
    He's got British tact :/ But yes, sometimes what he says is very harsh.

    Anyway I loved the guys last night. Chris rocked!! Gedeon (sp?) was cool and Elliot was good too. I think it'll be a guy winning too Meretta :)

  5. Yep - it's gonna be a guy. Chris! That's the name I couldn't remember ...

  6. You are SOOO right! How weird we both blogged about IDOL! :) Kendrid eh?

    Simon is crass, but I do think he knows his stuff.

  7. Ummm...I've never seen American Idol.

    I heard the Pro panel in Reno just slaughtered a couple of people.

    Of course, once we get our books published, we have thousands of Simons out there reading our book, either making or breaking our careers.

  8. Ha, Brenna and Heather--GONE!!! He he he.

    My daughter was up late and informed me Kevin was her favourite? How strange--but sweet :)

    Rene--everyone's a critic, but you need to get the recording contract first!! The Pro panel was a disaster, and the Idol thing. Pro committee was also to blame--they chose all bad ones so we could learn something???

  9. I don't care as long as Brenna is gone!!!!!!!! I like Kevin too, but I still say he isn't going to win. If Chris keeps up the performances, he's got it made.