Thursday, March 23, 2006

Kevin Covais

My daughter cried last night when Kevin was voted off American Idol. She'd been allowed to come back down from bed to watch it--never expecting that last night would be Kevin's last night. I personally thought he wasn't a particularly good singer, but had lots of appeal.

But as he's only 16, it wouldn't surprise me if he was picked up by some big record company and turned into the next nerdy pin-up (did I say that out loud--sorry DD). I love him, but the competition is too tight for dead weight now.

I like how he dealt with Simon--showed some real character--though I'm not sure about dumping his girlfriend to appear more attractive to his female audience LOL. Good luck Kevin, my daughter will always love you.

And in writing news--good luck everybody who entered the Golden Heart. Tomorrow is D day.

And PS. Happy Birthday Jared and James.


  1. My wife and I watched American Idol for the first time just the other day. It wasn't bad. At least with these kinds of shows there are winners even amongst the losers. We finished with this season of Project Runway, and one of the fashion designers who didn't make the cut (ha ha, sorry) was commissioned to make a dress for an actress.

  2. Happy Birthday Jared and James!

    I half expected Kevin to be around for a while. There's this group of people who vote to keep the worst singer on for as long as they can just to spoil peoples fun (remember that one guy last time who should have been off long before the end). Not that I'm saying that Kevin was the worst - he was the weakest and he did have a certain amount of appeal (for the wee ones). I don't remember an Idol being this tight - I like all of them, when usually I hate one or two and can't wait for them to leave. I have my own opinion as to who will be in the final three.

  3. I didn't care much for Kevin's voice or demeanor. Unfortunately he reminds me of someone who I just *don't* like.

    My DD's are rooting for Bucky. They sigh. They swoon. Honestly, I wonder if they don't just like to say his name, but they assure me it's more than that. It's looooove, they say. ;)

  4. I think he is a cutie - Mark my words - in 30 years he'll be the new Regis Philbin - am I right!?!?!?

  5. Oh, my blog has let me on. I haven't been able to save comments anywhere this morning so I'll have to revisit everyone later LOL. (the hardship)

    Scott--I love that they can still use the opportunity to win and have a career!

    Eve--who to choose now?? I love them all except Angel. He's gorgeous but his voice doesn't do anything for me--I'm scared the mirrors will shatter.

    Meretta, I like Bucky too but I don't think he'll win. Maybe the girls like his hair :) He's a cutie!

    Dennie--is he THAT bad?????

  6. My three are Chris, Taylor and Mandisa. Bucky's okay. Kevin - the next Regis Philbin? Dennie, have you been in the sauce?

  7. Who's Angel? Another contestant from another year? This is me confused.

    And I had the same problem with the comments today, Toni. I was afraid I was going to end up with the same one 2-3 times and people would think I was computer illegitimate. ;)

  8. Maybe I got the name wrong--oh yeah Ace. Sorry they're both stupid names to me LOL!! Apologies to everyone named Ace and Angel out there.

  9. That's cute about your dd. He was a sweet boy, but I thought he (along with Ace) was getting a little too cocky. As simon said, it should be about the music. Nothing else.