Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My week

What else have I done recently? Oh yeah--last week.

Well we are applying for Canadian residency and we are on the final stages of the application and once again needed passport photos to send off. When I was a kid you could get a strip of passport photos for two quid. Nowadays it is closer to $25.

Anyway, expecting to shell out another $100 for the four of us, we set off at 9 am last Wednesday morning. Blacks didn't open till 10 am, so we went to Walmart. They didn't open till 10 am so we went home (DH had to get to work). We went back at 5 pm, after phoning and making sure they were open and the passport photos were available.

We got there only to be told, 'No, sorry the machine is broken.'

Bummer! It is bad enough when it is just you, but when you've dragged little kids in and out of shops and snowsuits all day, it is a real bummer!! So DH asked where was the nearest place and they pointed us to Shoppers Drugmart. Never been there so we were a bit dubious.

Anyway, long story not so short--they were having a sale and the photos cost $68 so I could effectively buy Allison Brennan's next two novels for free :D

Great shop--books and photos and a PO!!


  1. Glad to hear that it's all worked out for you, Toni!

    And worked out for Allison, too. I remember when she posted to the loop that she'd sold. BIG NEWS. :) Haven't read her stuff's in the infamous TBR pile, but I'm getting there.

  2. Always good when you can get more books - LOL!

  3. Oh too funny! Guess that will be your new favorite place, huh?

    Yeah, The Hunt is on my TBR heap too.

  4. What a total pain. Dragging kids out in the best of weather is a pain, not to mention the snow.

    I just finished "The Hunt" and have "The Kill" in my TBR. Since it will be awhile before she has another come out, I might just hold off for awhile.

  5. Wow. That's still expensive for four photos. But I guess ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

  6. You know Allison is doing a week long workshop on Romance Divas

    you have to join, but it's free.

  7. Sorry you had a bad day, kudos on the books.

  8. How's the writing going?

  9. Allison must be good, no? Sorry about the aggravation. I know what it's like to mobilize a couple kids, but mine are starting to get easier.

  10. Eve--the writing is going OK but slow. Today I'm going to take aprt my villain and make sure he's a solid 3-D believable character.

    Scott--mine are getting better, but my son is still wild, the kind to just take off, regardless of roads and people!! Keeps me on my toes!! Gives me heart failure. And unlike you, I'm not thinking of having another wee babe :)