Thursday, March 30, 2006


Last night I finished my rewrite of Storm Warning!! Yay. A day early!!!!

Thank God, I am so stiff from sitting at this desk too much!!

Tomorrow is a day of rest (well mommy rest) and next week I'm going to dive into my KOD Daphne contest judging.

I'll start editing for sentence structure and typos and passive voice next week. Then I'm going to get the synopsis redone and I want this baby out the door by mid-April.

Loads of time, but time can so often get away from you.

The Blue Ball Contest is still running--till Sunday and I'll pick those closest to be drawn from a hat.

BTW--did anybody watch ER. God it was great. I LOVE RAY!!! I love some of the stuff they are doing, I even love Abby's miserable face :)


  1. This is like so weird, I shut of the tv a half hour ago because it was 11 at ER was over. I so hope Morris takes that other job and is off the show.
    I knew I was here before, it was March 8, 2006(gotta add the year cause you've been here a year) and you had the picture with all the snow.

  2. Wayhay!!!!!!!!!

    I had a good writing day too!

    I don't watch ER anymore - haven't for a long time. Now, whenever I do catch it, I don't recognize a lot of people. But I did catch some awesome reruns of it today.

  3. I don't like Morris either but I guess you need a bad guy! I love Frank. He says everything you've ever thought but been told not to. I like this cast--it seems real to me somehow that you get a new generation in, because that is more like my experience in science and medicene.

    Christa--Am I boring? Repeating myself LOL. Bad Toni bad Toni!!! I am boring, but then that's real life :D

    I might investigate some blog skins, after reading Sandra's blog. I'm feeling inspired, but I must first get showered, dressed, feed kids, pump garden (will post a picture later) and maybe go to the zoo. Maybe :/

  4. ER isn't one of my shows to watch. Besides I was too busy trying to finish my SEP book!

  5. Ray is da bestest. Abby and Luka, too. And Neela. I dislike Morris, but they have to have someone to dump on. I did like when his "kids" showed up last week. That was funny.

    HURRAH on STORM WARNING! Good job, Toni. =D

  6. Peggy--SEP beats TV, but I do like ER. Me and Meretta unite!!!

  7. Thursday night I think is the only night with a full lineup for me with The OC, CSI and ER. Do we see a pattern here. I'm so glad that Luka didn't go to Africa.

  8. Toni - I don't hang around with boring people ;-)

  9. alrighty! you rock - can I borrow some of your writing mojo - I lost mine =)

  10. I LOVE ER, I don't miss a single episode. Ray is just so yummy!!! Love watching him on screen. I thought he and Nila should get it on LOL

    Love your blog, it's always great to chat with a writer. I know a few and help out Lori Foster with graphics for her store and other stuff. It's great :)

  11. Christa, me too. If Luka had gone to Africa I'd had decided the show was stupid because that man so wants to be a father--he's the Brad Pitt of ER.

    Eve--:D Well I can be LOL.

    Dennie--it feels SO good to have done that draft. I tend to rework things A LOT!! I'm definitely trying a deeper outline next time though.

    Sandra--I so thought they should get it on too, and I am so anti-infidelity you wouldn't believe it (well you probably would LOL), BUT I love that storyline. I love Ray's vulnerability. Sigh.

    And wow--helping out Lori Foster. Different league to me, but I can hope right? Thanks for saying nice things about my blog. No startling wisdom here, just another SAHM/writer trying to get by!!!

  12. Good for you, Toni! WOO HOO!!!! Take time to pamper yourself!

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