Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Writing writing writing

Firstly a reminder--Dennie's book is out today!!!!

What have I been doing the last few days? Well writing--although actually a better description would be cutting and pasting. I have opened a whole seperate file for the last 100 pages of my book. I have 75 pages written but a good portion of that needs to go because I have to change the ending, condense two scenes to one big finale. Some days I think I'd be better just writing it fresh and other days... well I know some bits in it are really good--so I'm going with a color coded system and deleting everything that has become obselete. Ugh!!

I am panicking a little because Bob Mayer was saying how, if you've been working on something for a year and it isn't working--it is time to move on. Now I agree, if you're not going forward and making something sing to you, BUT... Is that a year fulltime or can I go pro rata??

Whatever the answer, I have been working on this way too long and have set myself a deadline of the end of March for this draft. Then I have the hard copy to read through and make beautiful and then I am going to write a killer synopsis--honest :)

Positive thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What else have I been doing? Getting myself a reputation as a card shark. Rats! Really hoped I could contain my big teeth but no, I had to reveal my true nature to two very dear friends of ours who were learning to play canasta with us. :( Bad girl!


  1. I heard that from Bob Mayer as well. I think it depends. I'm really bad about dumping a project within months if I don't like how it is going. My worse was a WIP that was at the 75K words and decided I did't like it. I've done that twice.

  2. Here's a rule for you: throw out all rules that don't make sense to you. If you feel you are making progress with your novel, then by all means stick to it and finish. If you start feeling lost, well, that's another story. It sounds to me like you are making great progress.

  3. I guess that makes sense. But I think that would have to be a full year. And I don't think you would trash it. Just put it aside. All stories are based on our experiences and knowledge, so if a story needs to sit for however long until we discover the right element, I think it's worth it. Just as long as we're writing something else in between.

  4. Is that a year fulltime or can I go pro rata??
    - this cracks me up!

    I realized as I e-mailed my editor yesterday w/ a question, I needed to really crack down - especially when she asked how my writing was coming. "You mean we're supposed to keep at it once we sell something?!?!?" LOL

    thanks for the plug!

  5. Everybody is right (how's that for a once in a blue moon). Bob is right, Rene is right, Scott is right, Peggy is right, Dennie is right. I think if you have been working steadily at a novel, 8 hours a day 365 days a year - and it still isn't going anywhere - shelve it. Everybody moves at their own pace. If it sings, listen to it. If the editor says "move it" well - that's a yikes. You're making progess - wondeful progress. And it isn't as if there hasn't been anything else going on. You have a realistic timeline (even if that does leave you little time for cyberplaying).

  6. Rene--dumping 75K is hard!!!

    Scott, Peggy, he was actually talking about when you are flogging a dead horse and I do agree that sometimes things just aren't working and you should bin them. But then I suddenly realized I'd been working on Storm Warning for a year now and it just made me stop and think. I'm not really very conventional--despite appearances.

    Dennie--glad you understand my humour :D Congratulations on the release!!! Keep writing!

  7. Moi? Cyberplaying?

    Not today baby--not till I get some serious work done--this is goodbye!! Well kind of :)

  8. I like what Scott said about throwing out the rules that don't make sense to you. Trying to conform to what one person says will drive you crazy because everyone has an opinion! :-)

    I'm glad you've been making some great writing progress, though! Always makes you feel much better knowing you've accomplished something on that front.

  9. I don't really have any rules :D

    Except, try to write every day and if you can't write, at least read what you wrote yesterday to keep you in the book.

    Work hard.

    Don't fall in love with your own words so much you can't bin it if necessary.

  10. You always must keep doing what you love. I have to agree, though sometimes shelving it after a year is best. But, you can always go back to it later, right?

  11. Definitely Brandy--that's the ideal I think :)